Using bone conduction technology, AfterShokz OpenComm allows you to take a call or listen to music while remaining aware of your surroundings. For those who require better audio quality-for, a personal call, a conference call, or otherwise-OpenComm incorporates a noise-canceling boom microphone.

Let’s look at the detailed Aftershokz Opencomm Review.

Build quality of Aftershokz Opencomm

The OpenComm is 33 g and has a titanium frame and rubberized surface. In comparison to similar products from other brands, AfterShokz appears the most professional and tries to avoid looking clunky as much as possible. Moreover, they are water-resistant and offer moisture detection, ensuring that they are safe to charge.

Sound quality of Aftershokz Opencomm

As far as sound quality is concerned, despite my experience as an audiophile reviewing and buying headphones and headsets of all price points, I am unaware of the benefits of bone conduction headphones or headsets. In this regard, I had low expectations. Even though the sound isn’t ideal for audiophiles, it is unquestionably suitable for music and communication.

Calling and Music Quality

It should be remembered that this headset was designed primarily to facilitate communication rather than music. It is generally considered that the treble of the OpenComm is its most vital point, and the bass is also noticeable if the headset is worn to maximize the bass. The sound signature has a neutral quality with a slight treble emphasis, although there are not many basses to satisfy serious bass heads. When I place the bone conduction drivers just in front of my ears, they deliver a more transparent midrange, treble, and more powerful bass response.

Microphone of Aftershokz Opencomm

Despite its ability to be flipped away, the microphone does not mute. The Volume+ and Volume- buttons can be pressed together for two seconds to mute the microphone while on a call. However, it is possible that this option will not work with all programs, so you should use the mute function provided by your software instead. In my experience, the microphone is clear, and the noise cancellation effectively reduces background noise. Also, I found the OpenComm to be a bit quieter than other Bluetooth options, possibly due to its noise cancellation feature, it nevertheless provided excellent clarity.

Battery Backup of Aftershokz Opencomm

According to the manufacturer, the AfterShokz can carry out calls for up to 16 hours, playback for up to 8 hours, and stay on standby for 14 days. I have not yet had the opportunity to test 16 hours of call time; however, my experience with OpenComm while on extended calls with some mixed music usage has been quite satisfactory. During my testing, I was able to use them for a full day without charging them. Even if you have to charge your headphones, you can still talk for two hours. A full charge takes approximately an hour.

Comfort of Aftershokz Opencomm

According to AfterShokz, the OpenComm is designed to ensure comfort throughout the day. An individual’s experience may differ due to numerous factors, including the anatomy of their ears, the distance between one ear and the other, and the length of the arc between the two ears. I have sensitive ears and need to periodically take a break from wearing the OpenComm, even though it can be worn for several hours.

Portability of Aftershokz Opencomm

Concerning portability, these can be worn anywhere and for as long as desired. The headset is comically large, even though it comes with a friendly and sturdy carrying case. While I appreciate the hardness of titanium, I cannot bend it or tuck it into a bag. This makes it difficult to carry. In my opinion, AfterShokz could reduce the size of their case by altering the interior mold to accommodate a cable and perhaps an optional USB charger.


Connectivity TechnologyWireless
Cable FeatureWithout Cable
Item Weight1.06 Ounces
Battery Backup16 hours talk time, depends on usage
AfterShokz OpenComm Wireless Stereo Bone Conduction

How To Use Aftershokz Opencomm Headphones

Setup and pairing Aftershokz Opencomm Headphones

  • If you hold the Volume button for 5-7 seconds, it will turn on.
  • Soon after you turn on the headset, you will hear a voice telling you that pairing mode has begun.
  • The “OpenComm by AfterShokz” device should now appear in the Bluetooth settings.
  • Hold the Volume+ and Multifunction buttons for 2-3 seconds.
  • Connect the first device. Push the Volume button for two or three seconds to shut it down.
  • Hold down the Volume button for approximately 5-7 seconds to enable pairing mode again.
  • Now you can connect the second device. 

Both devices will not receive audio simultaneously. Although, if you pause audio on one and start audio on the other, you should be able to transition between them within 10 seconds. If you wish to initiate pairing with the other device, it is more convenient than turning the device off. Additionally, if you are using an NFC-enabled device, you can pair the headset using the NFC chip on the left side.

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Aftershokz Opencomm Controls

However, you should be aware of a few “gotchas” that may require reading the manual or viewing the online questions.

I would have preferred to have seen a separate power button integrated into the unit, but given how quickly I could adjust, I did not find this to be a significant problem.

A notable feature of this headset is the ability to flip the boom microphone away from your face but not muted. This is somewhat surprising, but most headsets behave in this manner these days. You will be able to hear yourself with a noise-canceling microphone; however, background noise will be reduced.

Decision Time

AfterShokz exceeded my expectations, despite my skepticism and curiosity about them. I recommend that you consider the OpenComm if you work from home and need to remain alert while communicating with your family, if you have to wear a headset in a confined area, or if you desire a small, comfortable headset that allows you to stay alert.

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