With bone conduction technology, the open ear headphones from KRCONG transmit premium audio directly to your cheekbones, so you can be aware of what is going on in your surroundings as you listen to your music. A unique light designed to wake you up intelligently, keep you safe and make outdoor sports more enjoyable by creating an excellent breathing effect.

The bone conduction headphones with a microphone are a favorite among sports enthusiasts because you can use them to run, hike, cycle, and even for extreme sports such as skiing.

The titanium frame of these headphones will ensure that you will not be experiencing any pain even after prolonged wear, as they have a lightweight design and only weigh 29 grams. Also, this frame makes it possible to bend and stretch without deforming.

You can use it for up to 8 continuous hours of music and calls on a single charge with improved battery life.

Thanks to improved audio technology and a wholly sealed cavity, these bone conduction earphones allow users to enjoy high-quality audio while reducing sound leakage.

This pair of sweat-proof and waterproof workout headphones has been accredited with the IPX7 certification. Because of its robust and rugged construction, it can withstand harsh working conditions and intensive training.

Product Specifications

Connectivity TechnologyWireless
Form FactorIn Ear
Cable FeatureWithout Cable
Weight5.6 Ounces
Krcong Bone Conduction Headphones review

My Personal Experience with Krcong Bone Conduction Headphones

There is one reason why I like wearing bone conduction headphones, and that is because I can leave them in place and carry on a conversation while wearing them.

The headphones did not run out of battery during long sessions of 4+ hours or need to be removed due to discomfort caused by wearing them. The headphones that are my favorite require me to remove them so they can be charged, or I am getting a headache, or both at the same time. I do not have to do either of those things with these headphones.

These headphones are very affordable compared to other headphones I have been using. In light of the price point of these headphones, I graded them accordingly. Its audio isn’t perfect for music. When it comes to music, I will use my regular headphones. These headphones are perfect for conversations as well as listening to audiobooks.

Overall, these headphones are one of my rotations, along with others that may offer a better music experience but may not be convenient or comfortable at the same time.

Why should you buy Krcong Bone Conduction Headphones?

The lower price of these headphones is a great value compared to similar bone-conducting headphones. After reading the instruction manual, you can successfully and efficiently use these bone-conducting headphones, which took less than a minute to complete.

Let’s look at some positive points:

  • Modern and sleek, the design is appealing. An illuminated ring appears near the ear ports when music is playing.
  • Using Bluetooth, you can distance yourself from your phone across the house while listening to music.
  • Earplugs are included for noise cancellation since the headphones rest on the bone rather than inside the ear.
  • When running, jogging, hiking, or driving, this is essential. There is no problem with the battery life. Charging is simple and relatively fast.
  • Two cables come with it.
  • The headphones are also waterproof.

Why should you not buy Krcong Bone Conduction Headphones?

  • With these headphones, you can’t really do anything lying down like yoga, weight training, or physical therapy.
  • Some people might wish the band could be adjusted because it can be quite large for their heads. Neither tucking the hair under the band nor draping it over is feasible if you have long hair. Only a ponytail works.
  • Walking and cycling are good upright exercises, but the band rubs against the collar of a shirt and shifts the pads away from the right place when cycling.
  • One of the most significant issues is that you cannot set a default volume when it connects to the computer. It always starts at 100%.

Warranty and Customer service

You will find two sponge earplugs, a magnetic cable, Bone Conduction Headphones, and a manual inside the package.

Krcong headphones are all manually tested before they are shipped out. You can get a 90-day refund from Krcong as well as a lifetime warranty, so if you have any questions, you can always contact the customer service department. The customer service department will respond to all your queries within a few hours.