By using bone conduction Bluetooth headphones, you will be able to enjoy premium sound directly from your cheekbones. Compared to over-ear headphones, WANFEI wireless running headphones are much lighter and more comfortable. In addition, if you are using it for listening to music, you will also be able to hear what is going on in the surrounding area, which could prevent some potentially dangerous situations.

This fabulous pair of sports earphones has 26 grams of premium-grade silicone material that helps keep your ears relaxed while running, and the open-ear design ensures that the earphone doesn’t get plugged into your ear canals.

It features a 165mAh battery and USB charging capability, so you can stay entertained for up to 7 hours while reducing the natural sound leakage for an exceptional listening experience. Moreover, the built-in microphone ensures clear communication.

These earphones are ideal whether you want to work out, run, or train. It doesn’t matter whether you’re indoors or outdoors; the sweat-proof, moisture resistant, water drop resistant, and dust-resistant headphones will be able to withstand the outdoor activity you’re doing. Also, these headphones are made from materials of high quality, which will allow them to withstand most exercises, such as running, cycling, etc. Sadly, they are not the best headphones for swimming.

There are many advantages to using these over-the-ear headphones for various devices, such as tablets and smartphones running Android and iOS.

Moreover, it is effortless to control all the functions of the wireless sports headphones with a single multi-function button, which makes them very convenient to use. You can contact the customer service department if you have any problems, and they will provide you with a satisfactory solution.

Product Specifications

Ear PlacementOpen Ear
Connectivity TechnologyWireless
Form FactorOver Ear
Weight0.96 Ounces
WANFEI Bone Conduction Headphones

My Personal Experience with WANFEI Bone Conduction Headphones

I had purchased a set of Aftershockz Titanium bone conduction headphones several years ago, but they were not keeping their charge after about 18 months, so I decided to replace them with a “cheap” pair.

Having gone through many pairs of headphones in about three years, I decided not to spend too much money on a new pair of headphones.

One of the first things I noticed was how comfortable and lightweight these headphones were. While some complain that these are too small for their heads, they would probably fit anybody with a head size ranging from a standard size to a large size.

Upon connecting the headphones via Bluetooth, the sound quality was significantly better than the headphones I was previously using. Rather than listening to music, the sound is ideally suited for listening to audiobooks and podcasts.

As an initial reaction, I thought the single volume button would be tedious, but, surprisingly, it’s easier to use than the two buttons on the Aftershockz. This is primarily because the Aftershockz’s buttons are flush, so I would often click on the wrong one (since they’re adjacent) to increase volume, etc.

There is a single, prominent button that can be easily located with this new one, unlike the older ones. The system also works well with a single press to increase volume and a double press to reduce volume. Making a series of single presses, followed by another, is the best way to increase volume.

When it comes to Bluetooth range, I have received a signal from my computer while sitting on my ground floor lounge, on the second floor, in the bedroom, as I did when using the Aftershocz headset, only with occasional drops in the signal.

My experience so far with these headphones has been very positive.

Even though I cannot predict how long they will last, at only half the price of the Aftershockz, I will still be satisfied if they last just a year.

Why should you buy WANFEI Bone Conduction Headphones?

WANFEI Bone Conduction headphones offer great value for money with their low cost and reasonable price. It is designed to be comfortable and fit well on the head, and has bone conduction points.

Connecting your Bluetooth headphones to your phone makes it easy to listen to your favorite tunes from your phone and to be connected in no time at all. This type of headphone allows you to maintain complete sensory awareness and not lose the ability to hear what’s going on around you. It is perfect for sports, running, and other activities. The IP55 rating and relative waterproofness mean they can survive some abuse from the elements.

Why should you not buy WANFEI Bone Conduction Headphones?

The sound quality isn’t excellent, but you can’t expect top quality for this price, so it’s still satisfactory. Essentially, bone conduction is only present and influential in the bass spectrum. Despite this, the vibrations are pretty annoying, but it’s probably just a habit for many people.

It’s a bit uncomfortable having the headband behind the head. The form itself is not problematic, but it is semi-rigid and is pressed against the head when wearing a hat or under a helmet. A less rigid or sanity headband (such as a USB charging cable coated with rubber) would have been more suitable. In addition, the arches above the ear are responsible for holding the earphones in place.

Decision Time

Overall, the WANFEI Bone Conduction Headphones are suitable for calling and listening to audiobooks, but they are not a wise choice for music lovers. In particular, there is a downside in that there is no bass in the sound. In fact, you can hear the base when you put your finger in your ear. Aside from that, they are comparable to other headphones at the same price point.