All the bone conduction headphone reviews (or any other reviews) that you check on our website are written by first personally testing the products in our lab.

We check and test the bone conduction headphones on a variety of different parameters, that have been set by us, and then we rate the products based on this rating.

Below, we have thoroughly provided you with the complete rating procedure on the bone conduction headphones that we follow.

Our Product Testing & Rating Methodology

About Our Product Testing Lab

At Boneheadphones, we are committed to providing you with authentic reviews, and ratings. 

Thus, we thoroughly researched the market for new products, after completing our research, we thoroughly checked the market to get the product (we personally get the product by paying our own money, so there is no influence upon us to write biased reviews).

Afterward, our product research head thoroughly checks out the products and then provides you with authentic reviews.

About Our Product Testing Lab

Our Product Testing & Rating Methodology

We have our product testing lab in our office at [3296 WESTERVILLE RD SUITE 235COLUMBUS, OH 43224], we check the ins and outs of the products here in this facility.

In this product testing lab, there are all sorts of tests done on the headphones including the sound test, awareness test, comfort test, and much more.

Contrary to popular belief, we do not use any kind of complex machines in order to test out the headphones, instead, we rely on our ninja (Paul Henry) to provide you with real and efficient reviews.

Different Parameters for Testing/Rating the Bone Headphones Characteristics

Rating the Bone Headphones Characteristics

When we are testing out the products, we rate them on a rating based on a 10 scale on each of the factors. We thoroughly check each of the parameters, and then lastly provide you with a complete rating based on these points.

That means, we individually test out different features of the headphones, and then lastly provide you with the listicle based on the combined score.

Our Bone Conduction Headphones Testing Factors

Our Bone Conduction Headphones Testing Factors

There are a variety of different factors that are part of our product testing procedure, and we thoroughly check out all of these factors when we are testing out a pair of headphones, and then provide individual ratings for each of these factors.

Below, you can check the complete product testing procedure that we follow in each of the headphones that come into our product testing lab.


The first thing that we check on the bone headphones is the weight/construction. We check the weight of the bone-conduction headphones, and also the overall construction of the bone-conduction headphones.

When a pair of bone conduction headphones provides you with superiorly lightweight construction and has a durable construction, it is more likely to get a better ranking in our testing.


Sound of bone conduction headphones

Sound is one of the most important things on headphones, and when we provide you with bone conduction headphone reviews, we also provide you with the sound performance in all the different sectors including the bass, treble, and vocals.

We play different sorts of music on the bone-conduction headphones to provide you with more real-life data and then provide ratings for the bone-conduction headphones.

Although, we do combine all of the ratings into a single sound rating, still, it is a very complex point and involves several steps.


Comfort is another important thing that you need to make sure with a pair of headphones. When the headphones are not comfortable enough in the long run, it can be a really bad investment.

We test the bone headphones for extended periods and see how they behave, whether they hurt our ears, become a burden or they good to go.

The comfort test on the headphones lasts for several days, and then we compile the complete results accordingly.

Another thing that we attach to the comfort test is the stickiness test, in which we see how the headphones are held when you are running, swiftly moving your head, and so on.

Environment Awareness

Environment Awareness of bone conduction headphones

A lot of publications do miss out on this point, but we don’t. While testing a lot of the other stuff on the bone-conduction headphones, we also test out the environmental awareness on the headphones, which means that we test the product in a real-life environment, and see whether we are able to get ourselves aware of the surroundings or not.

The headphones that allow you to get better surrounding information are more likely to get higher rankings than the others.

Call Quality

The majority of people use bone-conduction headphones to make calls while they are in the hustling areas. Therefore, this test is not done in our lab, instead, it’s carried out in city centers, and similar areas where we can test the real-life performance of the bone conduction headphones.

There are three different things that we do test out while testing the call quality. Firstly, we test the sound receiving quality, whether the sound that you are getting from the headphones is good enough or not, afterwards, also check the mic quality, as often the mic quality on the headphones is not good enough, and people have a hard time sending their voice over.

Lastly, when we are testing the call quality on the bone conduction headphones, we also check the environmental awareness, if you are unable to be aware of your surroundings while using the bone conduction headphones, it can be a serious hazard for you.

Lastly, when we do provide you with the rating, we take into account everything first.


Waterproofing is another important thing that you need to check in the bone conduction headphones, as these headphones have been specifically designed for athletes too.

Apart from relying on the waterproofing rating, there are available on the internet, as provided by the manufacturer, we also test the waterproofing capabilities of the bone conduction headphones in the work to provide you with more authentic knowledge about these headphones.


Lastly, we also check the pricing of the headphones that you are getting and provide you with a rating. Unlike the other factors, the product pricing factor is totally unique, as it depends on all the other parameters that we have described above.

The price of a product might be lower than the other one, and still, you can get a lower rating, as compared to a product that comes with a higher price tag.

If a product provides you with the best bang for the buck, the product will get a better product rating. Also, if a product is unable to provide you with great value for money, then it would be a lower bang for the buck rating.

Meet the Mind Behind All of Our Product Tests

All of the reviews that you see on our website are written by Paul Henry, as he is the man behind all the testing on our website.

Paul’s engineering background and superior knowledge in the headphone industry allow him to write fantastic quality reviews that are on-point, and provide you with exceptional information.

You can read more about Paul here.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Out Product Testing Procedure

Do You People Test Out all the Products That Are Available on Your Blog or Rely on Third Party Data?

We personally test out all the products that are available on our blogpost, and we do not rely on any sort of third-party data for reviewing or rating the products.

Where are All of Your Product Testing Done?

All of our product testing is done at our office lab, where we test out the ins, and outs of the product, and then provide you with authentic reviews, that are not available elsewhere.

Do You Buy Your Own Products or Get Sponsored Products?

Well, we do buy all of our products and do not accept sponsored products, as we have a deep feeling that buying sponsored products makes you feel obliged. So, we have a policy not to accept the sponsored stuff.

How Can We Trust Your Reviews?

We personally buy the headphones, test out the stuff, and then provide you with authentic reviews. So, you gotta trust that what we have compiled is correct to the best of our test findings.

How Do You Rank the Products on a Listicle?

The method for rating products on the listicle is quite straightforward. Firstly, we rate the product on the individual parameters, and then we sum up the points on each of these parameters and provide you with the rating of a listicle. That means, if there are five parameters, and a product gets “9” points in each of the parameters, and then there are products with “8” or “7” ranking in each of the parameters, the product with the highest rating would get the first rating, and periodically, other products would also get ranked in a listicle in a very same manner.