Ariana Peter is the mind behind the brand Bone Headphones. It was this man who came up with the idea of providing people with sufficient information about the headphones, both the review and informational content.

Everything that you see on our website has been personally checked by him. Also, he is responsible for all the editing, and other editorial stuff that you see here on

He has experience in the software side of things and has been maintaining plenty of different websites.

His keen interest in building out new things, and his ultimate interest in headphones have led him to develop this website and provide you with all the useful information.


Before creating, and joining the Boneheadphones full-time, Ariana had been involved in several other ventures online.

His obsessions with audio products and tech background made him make this web blog.


Ariana holds a Masters degree in Computer Science from the University of Chicago.

Further Qualifications

Ariana holds several certifications from different institutions around the globe in Cyber Security, and Website Development.

Words From Ariana Peter

What Led You to Make the Website?

My obsession with the Boneconduction headphones, and the technical knowledge I possess allowed me to make my dream come true in the shape of this website.

How Has Been Your Experience With BoneHeadphones?

So good so far, I have received a superior response from the audience, and people really appreciate our commitment to the brand.

What is Your Favorite Pair of Headphones?

Well, Shokz OpenRun is my favorite headphones due to its comfort and superior sound quality.

What Are Your Future Plans with BoneHeadphones?

My plan with the Boneheadphones has always been the same. I want to provide people with exceptional quality bone conduction headphones, and to-the-point guides about troubleshooting.