Bear is a lifetime nerd who likes to try new things out. Above all, Bear loves to solve problems, especially, complex audio problems, as he is obsessed with the headphones (especially bone conduction headphones).

Bear is familiar with all the sorts of problems that happen with bone-conduction headphones. Apart from the general problems, people also ping us to provide solutions to a particular problem, and then we refer it to Bear Smith, and he then compiles the problem and the potential solution to the issue.

Bear possesses a background in psychology, therefore, he has a deep thinking process and provides unconventional tutorials that are otherwise not available on the Internet.

Bear Smith - ( Audio Troubleshooting Expert)


Ever since Bear was a child, he had a deep interest in resolving puzzles, which combined with his audiophile nature led him to resolve the audio problems on the headphones.

Firstly, he was doing it as a hobby, and then, after completing his education, he is doing it full-time at Bone Headphones.


Bear holds a Masters degree in Psychology from the University of Oxford. Moreover, he has also opted for the Masters in Audio Engineering from the University of Florida as well.


Bear has written several guides for reputed online magazines and has also written a few books on resolving different nature issues. You can check the complete list of e-books and the guides that Bear has written here.

Words From Bear Smith

Do You Personally Write the Tutorials and Troubleshooting Guides?

Yes, I personally do write all the tutorials, and troubleshooting guides that you do check on after finding the solution to the particular problems that you are facing on the headphones.

What Do You Think About Bone Conduction Headphones?

Bone conduction headphones are one of the best types of headphones, especially, when you are in a city and want to be aware of your surroundings.

Which Bone Conduction Headphones Are Your Most Favorite?

The Shokz OpenRun are my favorite bone conduction headphones out there, as these headphones provide you with superior sound performance and exceptional overall quality.

How You Are Able to Find Issues So Quickly?

Well, it’s my years of experience in the technical position which allows me to find the problems with the devices quickly, and efficiently.