The Naenka Bluetooth headphones deliver audio through the cheekbone rather than the air, thanks to their advanced bone conduction technology. When it comes to the love of outdoor sports, bone conduction technology can provide you with a more authentic sound and keep you aware of everything around you.

In addition to being fully waterproof with an IPX 6 rating, this robust Naenka bone conduction sports headphone is also completely dust and sweat resistant. Therefore, these headphones can be used for both indoor as well as outdoor sports. They will allow you to enjoy high-quality music even on rainy days.

It is worth mentioning that the battery life of the Naenka bone conduction headphones is 6 hours, which makes them the perfect choice for long-term use. With magnetic fast charging technology, these headphones require only 1.5 hours of charging time. This allows you to use the headphones continuously in the outdoor environment for several hours.

It’s possible to pair multiple Bluetooth-enabled devices simultaneously using Bluetooth 5.0. If you want to connect two devices simultaneously, you can do so and switch freely between them, or you can mix the sounds as you like. The Bluetooth 5.0 standard is compatible with mobile devices, tablets, laptops, and computers. It is not fully compatible with TVs, however.

With a weight of only 0.9 ounces and a light and flexible titanium neckband, this watch is comfortable to wear for extended periods. In addition, the open ear design of this headphone provides a pain-free and harmless experience since the headphone need not be plugged into the ear canal. Moreover, it can keep the inside of the ear canal clean and hygienic.

I highly recommend this product because it is fully ergonomically designed, with a flexible silicone band around the cheekbones that adds to its comfort.

Product Specifications

Connectivity TechnologyWireless
Model NameRunner chic
Form FactorOver Ear
Weight0.917 Ounces/ 26g
Water ResistantIPX6
Battery150 mAh
Wireless ConnectionBluetooth 5.0
Playtime 6 Hours
Bluetooth ProtocolA2DP, AVRCP,HSP,HFP
Charging CableMagnetic
naenka bone conduction headphones review

My Personal Experience with Naenka Bone Conduction Headphones

Considering that I work in a lab, I am unable to take my headphones in and out, however, I still need to hear what my colleagues and people are saying. In the past, I have had to use one ear at a time since the pass-through sound does not always work. These headsets, however, allow me to hear everyone clearly without causing any distractions. There’s no doubt that these headphones have excellent sound quality, the batteries easily last me all day, and they’re comfortable enough to wear all day as well.

Why should you buy Naenka Bone Conduction Headphones?

The significant benefit of Bluetooth 5.0 is better signal transmission and faster transmission rates, making it exceptionally immune to interference.

Two materials are used to make bone conduction headphones, titanium alloy and memory metal, which have passed more than 10,000 bend tests, and can quickly recover from the bent state.

It is possible to connect two devices simultaneously using the intelligent chip. You might be able to switch between working and listening to music, or maybe it will even be possible to mix two channels.

Compared to a traditional dynamic vibrator speaker, a 16mm dynamic vibrator speaker has a roomier sound, a thick bass, fine trebles, and a more penetrating sound.

Why should you not buy Naenka Bone Conduction Headphones?

The headphones themselves were good, but I wouldn’t say I liked the two things much.

  • Since it is not that high, you cannot hear the volume when walking outdoors in regular traffic
  • There is no possibility to bend the cord, so it isn’t easy to have a better fit on you so that you cannot hear better where you need to.

As soon as the problems are resolved, they will be more useful outdoors, which will lead to a higher rating.

Important Recommendations

It should be noted that when bone conduction headphones are used, audio is transmitted through the cheekbones instead of air, which means that existing brands cannot prevent all sound leakage. Naenka’s algorithm and the magnetic levitation sound unit make it possible to reduce sound leakage significantly. Please don’t set the volume to its maximum to avoid itchy vibrations and excessive sound leakage.

As far as bone conduction headphones are concerned, Naenka Runner Chic is not medical equipment. If you are looking for medical equipment, choosing another headset type is a better choice.

The perception may be that bone conduction headphones are not in the same league as in-ear headphones for loudness. To enhance your enjoyment of the show, we recommend using earplugs.

If you apply a little pressure to the speaker while talking on the phone, it will make the sound better.

Decision Time

Overall, these headphones are best for calling purposes but not for music. If you are looking for medical equipment, then these headphones are not recommended. Also, the volume of these headphones is not very loud, and if you are not sensitive to sound, you may have some difficulties hearing the sound in traffic or noise.