Paul Henry is the chief product testing officer on responsible for all the product reviews that you see on our website. His curious ass makes him get the tears of every product, and write in detail about every bit, and piece about a product.

He has previously worked as an audio engineer, which further helps him see the technical side of the stuff, otherwise not known to the general public.

Moreover, Paul is also obsessed with audio products, which makes him a great fit for this role, as he better knows whether a headphone sounds average or above par.

We follow a detailed product testing methodology, which you can follow on our page to get more insights about the product testing methodology.

When our buddy isn’t testing out the latest headphones, he is either playing football or writing in-depth reviews that you people love to read.

Paul Henry


Paul briefly worked as an Audio Research Engineer in a private firm, and his curious soul did not find peace there, and when he saw the job opening for the BoneHeadphones, he could not resist it, and joined us, it has been nearly two years, and he has been with us ever since, and loves doing what he does with us.


Paul is an audio engineer by profession and an audiophile by passion. He has studied BSc—Audio Engineering from the University of California.

The educational background of Paul makes him a right man for the right job, as it enables him to test out products better than a normal folk out there.


Paul has written numerous reviews, appeared on a handful of podcasts, and also has written a few E-Book about the audio products, which makes him a highly credible source to follow any sort of information out there.

Words From James Smith

Do You Personally Test Out All the Products?

Yes, I do test out all the products on, and all the reviews that you see on the website are also written by me.

Where Do You Test All the Products?

Well, I do test all of the products in my testing lab, and everything happens at the BoneHeadphone headquarters, as it’s our hub for all the stuff that happens on the 

Are You An Audiophile?

Well, I love to try different audio products, and love to enjoy music with some instruments. So, yes, I am an audiophile.

How Do You Rate Different Products?

We have a complete SOP for ranking and rating different audio products, and I rate all the products according to the sophisticated ranking procedure.