Featuring an IPX8 rating, this bone conduction headphone can withstand water immersion up to a depth of five meters. That is why we are reviewing this particular Bone Conduction Headphone.

There is an 8GB storage capacity on these swimming headphones. You can store up to 2000 songs. They are compatible with several audio formats. You will not get bored while swimming, surfing, or diving. You can also connect the device to a computer using the USB cable to charge and download MP3 files.

The swimming headphone frame is composed of titanium alloy and can be adjusted 360 degrees. Furthermore, an adjustable belt and buckle are included in the package, allowing you to adjust the size of the swimming headphone to meet your needs. This swimming headphone is made from silicone, which is skin-friendly.

Moreover, Tayogo offers a one-year warranty. You may contact Tayogo if your headphones have been damaged under warranty.


Connectivity TechnologyUSB
Component TypeMemory, Speakers
Memory Storage Capacity8 GB
Compatible DevicesApple watch, Ios, Mac, Android, IPhone
Battery Life5 Hours
Tayogo Waterproof Bone Conduction Headphones

My Personal Experience with Tayago Bone Conduction Headphone Waterproof

Tayogo Bone Conduction Headphones are my second purchase. I have been swimming at least three times per week with my first pair in the last two years, and I appreciate its waterproof feature. I was delighted with the sound quality when I used the included earplugs. Compared to my previous conduction headphones, this one is much louder and more precise. I cannot hear anything in a loud enough environment unless it is deafening.

It has a large internal storage capacity, so I will not have to carry around my phone.

As a result of its IPX68 rating, I can use it while showering and submerge it underwater while it continues to function.

However, it has one disadvantage: it is rather bulky, but it holds up well, and it does not fall off easily.

Why should you buy Tayago Bone Conduction Headphone Waterproof?

Exercise in the pool is simple, convenient, and easy with this device. A USB cable is included with this device, which enables it to be connected to a computer to charge and download MP3 files (drag and drop). This is much more advantageous than using your smartphone with a Bluetooth device, which would require you to leave it near the pool (where it may be knocked over or stepped on).

You should purchase this phone because of its internal storage, which means you no longer have to carry your phone around with you.

Superior sound quality enhances the enjoyment of swimming. It is effective underwater. Also, the battery lasts for long periods.

Why should you not buy Tayago Bone Conduction Headphone Waterproof?

It takes a bit of getting used to some of the features. Getting to the shuffle function and turning up the volume can be tedious.

How to use Tayago Bone Conduction Headphone Waterproof?

Power Indicator:

  • During charging, the red LED flashes, and the blue LED is fully illuminated after charging is complete.
  • If the battery is low, the red LED will flash rapidly for 30 seconds before turning off.
  • When the MP3 is playing, the blue LED flashes
  • When FM is being played, the LED flashes yellow
  • When looking for channels, the yellow LED flashes rapidly.

FM Playing:

  • To increase the volume, press once; change channels, double press once; and play MP3 files, press and hold.
  • To play or pause, you must press. To turn it ON or OFF, you must hold it for 3 seconds. To return to the home screen, hold for 8 seconds.
  • Reduce volume by pressing and holding, press and hold to change to the previous channel, and double press to auto.
  • You can search through all available channels and press + or – buttons to select.


It is necessary to use USB cables with chargers that can operate at a minimum voltage of 5V/1A. Using another charger may cause the battery to burn.

Tayago Bone Conduction Headphone Waterproof- Recommendations

  • It is water-resistant for up to five meters and can be submerged for five hours.
  • When diving deeper than five meters, you should not use it.
  • Because our inside connectors are water-resistant, water entering the jack will not affect the product.
  • Immediately after the following swimming, you should wash the product with clean water, open the cover, and allow it to air dry.
  • Before charging or connecting the product to a computer, ensure that it is scorched. When the jack is wet, charging it is dangerous, for which the manufacturer cannot be held liable.

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There is nothing better than a set of waterproof headphones for a distance swimmer or just someone who enjoys reading and listening to music while swimming. Tayago Bone Conduction Headphone Waterproof is definitely worth considering within a reasonable price range. Just make sure you keep your earbuds in while swimming. Moreover, they are easy to plug into your computer, and you can add some music, a podcast, or a book, and you are ready to go.

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