YouthWhisper Bone Conduction Headphones Bluetooth transfer sound waves from our temporal bone directly to our inner ear rather than traveling through our external ear canal. This prevents damage to our tympanic membrane and keeps our ears healthy and happy. Consequently, long-term use of headphones dramatically reduces the chance of hearing damage occurring. It is convenient for people with small ears or those with ear diseases who are unable to use earbuds due to the size of their ear canals.

When we are doing outdoor activities such as hiking and biking, the open-ear design keeps our ears alert, so dangerous happenings can be avoided. In addition, while listening to music or watching videos, you are able to hear people around you and respond appropriately to them.

With its lightweight titanium headband, open ear design, and lightweight titanium body, we are able to experience a very comfortable wearing experience because our ears are free and our ears are not pressured.

You can enjoy playing music for 6 hours continuously on a fully charged battery and making phone calls for 8 hours. You can make standby for 480 hours (20 days) on a fully charged battery.

Product Specifications

Connectivity TechnologyWireless
Model NameLite
Form FactorOn-Ear
Weight5.3 Ounces
YouthWhisper Bone Conduction Headphone bluetooth on-Ear

My Personal Experience with YouthWhisper Bone Conduction Headphones Bluetooth

These Bone Conduction Headphones from YouWhisper provide clear audio quality through Bluetooth. I can use them with my Google Assistant as well. These headphones are Ideal for people with office jobs, like me, as well as people who walk in the park or work out at the gym.

I decided to go with an open ear product because the problem with traditional earbuds is that they’re not very inviting, and when you are not listening to music, people wonder if you’re listening to them, so I opted for an open ear product.

This technology basically allows you to feed sound into your ear while not blocking any noise you may encounter outside. Therefore, you will not be able to blast your favorite songs like you can with regular headphones, so it may not be worth your time.

Additionally, I receive positive feedback about the clarity of the call when I ask for feedback, and they tell me, “You weren’t on the phone at that time?”. This has made my life so much easier.

Why should you buy YouthWhisper Bone Conduction Headphones Bluetooth?

These headphones are excellent, and I am surprised at how good they are. These headphones are easy to use, as well as quick to charge. Although I can’t get them loud enough to drown out loud voices or a television that makes a lot of noise, they work perfectly well when there is no interference from loud noises. I no longer suffer from pain and heat caused by over-ear headphones, which used to bother me in the past. 

Why should you not buy YouthWhisper Bone Conduction Headphones Bluetooth?

Due to the design and fit being perfect for activities, it doesn’t matter how much you move because it won’t fall off. You can continue conversing while you listen, but the volume has to be increased when you are alone. So, the overall volume should be increased.

It would be great if there could be a mini microphone that would allow you to turn forward and backward so that it would be even more clear that you’re “busy.”

Decision Time

The wearing of YouthWhisper Bone Conduction Headphones Bluetooth by individuals who are hearing impaired helps them stay alert to their surroundings, remain comfortable while on the go, and prevent hearing loss, as well as remain comfortable and pain-free. For those affected by hearing loss but whose hearing nerve has not been severely damaged, hearing audio through YouthWhisper Bone Conduction Headphones Bluetooth is one possibility.

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