If you wear air conduction headphones, you can take calls, listen to music as well as your surroundings. It is safer to answer a call while riding a bike, hiking, or cycling or doing any work. But if you are looking for top-notch sound quality, you can skip this review because we are talking about safety first and then sound.

The open-ear design air conduction headphones are perfect for listening to audiobooks, watching TV, and movies without causing discomfort to others, as with over-ear or in-ear headphones. You can also use them with glasses.

The lightweight Bluetooth headset weighs just 18 g, is exceptionally comfortable to wear, and is made of skin-friendly silicone. You will not experience any discomfort even after prolonged use. Its small and elegant appearance makes it readily portable and easy to store. You can easily carry it in your pocket without any difficulty.

Listening to music or making calls using these Open Ear Headphones can last for over four to five hours, and they have a standby time of 120 hours. You can charge them within 75 minutes. The titanium alloy memory earphones can be bent 360 degrees without deforming with an ingenious design. Their functionality, convenience, and durability make them an excellent choice.

Bluetooth 5.0 headsets can be used with virtually all Bluetooth-enabled devices. The device enables mobile phones and iPads to be connected wirelessly without cables, providing a stronger and faster connection. Transmitting audio over 10 meters / 33 feet makes it ideal for everyday use.


Connectivity TechnologyWireless
Form FactorIn Ear
Cable FeatureWithout Cable
Weight0.635 ounces
moing Open-Ear Headphones, Wireless Air Conduction Headphones

My Personal Experience with Open-Ear Headphones, Wireless Air Conduction Headphones

It is essential to remember that these are not bone conduction headphones. Instead of a prominent speaker, small speakers are aimed directly into your ears. I thought I was buying actual bone conduction headphones when I searched for “bone conduction headphones” on Amazon, as I did not read the description carefully.

After trying them for a few days, I discovered that they were not suitable for me, but they were not too bad for the price.

There are two main reasons why I wouldn’t say I like it: it is not waterproof. I often walk in light rain and sweat a lot as part of my activities. Plus, they don’t have noise canceling.

ORIGINAL bone conduction headsets come with earplugs for blocking out background noise. They also enhance the volume of your chosen audio source. The fact that these are merely headphones consisting of small speakers aimed at your ears means that blocking out external noise with earplugs will reduce the headset’s volume.

I believe the seller intentionally misleads buyers by emphasizing “conduction” as the main description.

My Observations

  • The materials and quality of the construction are excellent
  • It fits perfectly and is very comfortable to wear
  • Pairing is simple
  • The quality of the audio playback is only “okay.”
  • It starts with a hiss/”zzz” sound.
  • There are no on-unit volume controls, so when you increase the volume via the paired device (there aren’t any controls on the unit).
  • In a VoIP test call to myself, I noticed low volume and choppy audio; they noticed the same thing in test calls to the callers.


They are designed to work well with bike helmets and not interfere with long braided hair. These open ear headphones are best for work, listening to music, taking calls, and constantly listening to the environment.


You can’t control the volume or skip tracks with the buttons; you have to use your phone. The only button is the power button, also a pause button. Also, the sound quality is average, but that was expected at this price range.


I like the fit and can run and workout without worrying about them flying out and hearing cars and people coming. I don’t hate them but I am not knocked out by them. So, if you want to buy them, keep in mind, they are mainly for taking calls and average volume music during work. Don’t buy them if you are looking for the best music headphones.

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