Online privacy and security of users is of prime importance and should be taken seriously. Thus, the main focus of this privacy policy is to describe Bone Conduction Headphone’s procedures and policies related to the disclosure of customer information when they use this service through the website of Bone Conduction Headphones, on all electronic devices and apps. As part of this obligation, the website will not use or share the information of the customers except as described in this policy.

Information Collection and Use

Bone Conduction Headphone uses the information that has been collected for analysis of how its service is used, the diagnosis of technical or service issues, the maintenance of security, personalization of content, and remembering information for your assistance.

Some examples include accessing your account efficiently, monitoring various aggregate metrics such as total number of visitors, the amount of traffic, demographic pattern, tracking users and user content which is in total compliance with Digital Millennium Copyright Act as well  as other relevant laws.

User-Provided Information

As part of customer engagement, the website collects a series of user-content such as their name, email address, physical address, mobile number and so on.

As per privacy procedures and policy, the website can use e-mail addresses of the customer to send them service-related notices such as notifications or newsletters. In addition, the website may also use e-mail addresses to send marketing literature and promotions. In this context, the subscriber can control the receipt of some specific service-related message through our Settings page.

Further, the subscribe can also control the receipt of marketing message by following the ‘Unsubscribe’ instructions provided in the message itself. The website retains the right to store and use the content of correspondence completed by the customers.

Kindly note that if you use your social media accounts such as Twitter, Facebook, or any other social networking site (“SNS”) to access the Bone Conduction Headphone site, the website retain the right to collect, store and use SNS User ID to contact you.

Kindly note that the information provided by you in user content such as the questions, answers, as well as any other information and metadata about it, are publicly view able with your name and it can be searched by search engines; they can be republished anywhere else without the requirement of your permission as per our terms and conditions.

Automation of Information Collection

The website retains the capability to collect information automatically through persistent and session cookies and other tracking technologies for storage of your username and password, analysis of service usage, customization of service, and control of the advertising displayed on the website.

However, it is possible for subscribers and users of our website to remove persistent cookies by following the directions provided by your browser.

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