My Beats X headphones are always with me during my walking routine and while listening to my favorite podcasts in the morning. I bought these headphones for their quick charge feature that enables it for 5 minutes charge, which gives 2 hours of battery life. They have been great with me for a considerable time now, but suddenly, they malfunctioned, and my Beats X Flashing Red And White. What to do in this situation? 

I already knew some tricks, so I tried quick tweaks to solve this problem. If you are facing this red and white light issue or the Beats Won’t turn on, this guide will help you fix this issue in no time. So, keep reading. 

Why are my headphones Flashing red and white?

The Bluetooth connectivity and 8 hours of battery life were perfect at the start, and I had a pleasant experience using Beats X. But suddenly, it started showing the red and white light blinking and not turning on. 

Why are my beats flashing red and white while charging?

The issue of Beats flashing red and white is mainly due to three main reasons. The reasons are faulty battery, bad charging cable, and adapter. In addition, the other reason includes that you are not using the upgraded firmware of the headphones.

The Firmware Is Not Upgraded

Have you upgraded your Beat X yet? The most apparent reason Beats X is showing red and white is that your firmware/ software is not upgraded to the most recent version.

Beats X Has Faulty Battery

What do you confer when two red and white lights blink when plugging the charger into the port? The most probable reason is the faulty battery. It is better to check the headphones’ battery life and not overcharge them so often. 

Faulty Cable or Adapter

As an iPhone and Beats X user, I use the same lightning cable that people primarily use to charge both devices. Sometimes the issue is with the cable and adapter that is either faulty or the adapter is not providing the required energy to charge the battery.

How to fix Beats X Flashing Red And White?

Don’t panic when you see Beats X flashing red and white. Instead, you can try these quick solutions to deal with this issue. 

How to Reset Beats X?

The first thing you can do to avoid further fuss is reset your Beats X headphones. Follow these steps to reset:

  • First, hold the power button and volume down (-) button for about 10 seconds. (usually takes 7 seconds)
  • Keep holding both buttons until you will see the lights flashing.
  • You are done with Resetting your headphones to factory settings.

Beats Updater 

Note: If you have connected or paired your headphones device with any Apple device, it will automatically update the Beats headphones. 

It is the immediate solution you should use to download the Beats Updater on your smartphone, showing your device’s serial number and version. You can update the firmware to the latest version. 

Beats X Battery Replacement 

If you are an expert and know technical expertise, you can go for Battery Replacement for Beats Beats X . It comes with 50 mAH and a lithium polymer battery. 

Contact Apple Support 

First, look for the warranty and if you are still in the timespan, then claim your warranty by calling customer support and getting a new replacement of the Beats X.

Beats X flashing White light | How to fix it?

If your Beats X is flashing white light, mainly flash 3 times, that shows whether the battery is faulty, is not fully charged, or is not updated to the latest firmware. Sometimes the reason could be the faulty wire. 

To fix it:

  • Update your headphones to the latest version.
  • Reset Beat X by pressing the power and volume button for 10 seconds.
  • Toggle the wire and headphones to know if there is some wiring issue.
  • Charge your battery to the full or a day.
  • Leave them for a while and don’t use them. 

Why is Beats X Flashing Red And Pink?

When your Beats X is flashing Red and Pink, it means that either your headphone is defective or you are not fully charged. Moreover, other issues like faulty or damaged wires are at the top of the list. So better follow these quick tweaks.

  1. Check for any twist or damage in the wire.
  2. Find out software is updated and it is fully charged.
  3. Resetting to factory settings.

After applying all these solutions, if it persists, it is better to contact support for a warranty or buy a new one.

Why are my Beats flashing white and not turning on

Beats headphones may flash white and not turn on due to moisture, extreme temperatures, or Bluetooth issues. Wait for them to dry or reach a suitable temperature. Disconnect and forget them on Bluetooth, drain the battery, and recharge to reestablish connection. If the problem persists, try resetting and updating the software/firmware.

Beats Flex flashing red light when charging

When charging, if your Beats Flex emits a red light, it indicates that there is less than one hour of battery life remaining. If the red light is blinking, it signifies that your Beats Flex requires charging.

Beats X solid white light

When your Beats X earphones are powered on and configured, the LED indicator on the power button displays the remaining listening time, with a solid white light indicating there are approximately 8 hours of playback time left.

Beats Flex flashing white light

If your Beats Flex is flashing a white light, it might indicate an outdated firmware. To resolve this issue, consider updating to latest formware or try resetting your Beats Flex.

Beats X pink light

In case your Beats X earphones exhibit a pink light that turns off when connected and fail to charge or connect to other Bluetooth devices, consider resetting them. Resetting the earphones may help resolve the issue and restore proper functionality. 


If your Beats X is showing any light, either solid red and white, or pink, mainly they are gone; if still there is hope, you can try these quick methods to solve these issues. Moreover, in this article, there are reasons you could avoid your other headphones in the future.

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