AfterShokz is the first name that comes to mind when you hear Bone Conduction Headphones. The Multifunction button is an essential component of the Aeropex bone headphones that control music, Bluetooth, and calls. But sometimes, Aftershokz Multifunction Button Not Working, and this malfunctioning results in an annoying experience. 

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What is the multifunction button on AfterShokz? Aftershokz wireless Bluetooth headphones include a multifunction button that you can use for various functions. In your headphones, you find them located outside of the left transducer. Having multifunction buttons on headphones is like having your assistant in your ear. You can easily make and receive calls with a few clicks of your finger or even easily control your music.

However, there can be a lot of problems that you can encounter when using the multifunctional button. Let’s look at some common problems and the solution to those problems. After that, we will look at the multifunction button’s functions.

Multifunction Button: Problems and Solutions

Multifunction Button Problems and Solutions

The most common problem with Aftershokz Button needing to be fixed is receiving a call while listening to music. In this case, sometimes you need to remember the commands, or sometimes the command doesn’t work. So, the easy solution is to wait for one-two seconds and pick up the call.

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However, it is not possible, but maybe the multifunction button has been damaged. In this case, claim the warranty if the headphones are under warranty; otherwise, you can go to cell phone mechanics.

It is also possible that the software of your headphones is running slow, and you may need to restart or reset your headphones.

Lastly, the battery may be dead, and you are trying to work with the multifunction button. It would help if you put the headphones on charging, and the multifunction button might work fine.

Functions And Commands Of the Multifunction Button

Functions And Commands Of the Multifunction Button

The Aftershokz Button Functions include two purposes: music and calling. It will help if you look at these functions and their commands if you want to avoid any problems when using the multifunction button.

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Music Functions

  • Single Tab to play or pause music
  • Double Tap to skip forward when music is playing
  • Triple Tab to Rewind or repeat music

Calling Functions

  • Single Tab to answer the call
  • Single Tab to end the call
  • Press and hold to reject the call
  • Double click to redial the last number while the music is stopped
  • Press and hold for three seconds to activate voice assistant or voice dial

Aftershokz OpenComm Volume Control Not Working

Aftershokz OpenComm Volume Control Not Working
Aftershokz OpenComm Volume Control Not Working 

I have enjoyed using AfterShokz OpenComm with a boom mic for my communication but recently got stuck with a volume control not working issue. The possible reasons are the accumulated dust and sweat in it. 

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Quick Solutions: The most apparent solution for volume control not working is to reset the OpenComm. Furthermore, you can clean it with a q-tip and vacuum to remove the sogginess from the control. 

Aftershokz Aeropex Microphone Not Working

Aftershokz Aeropex Microphone Not Working

When you encounter an issue of your headphones’ microphone not working, better define the causes of the problems. The most common reason for the AfterShokz microphone not working is the clogged mic with dust, sweat, and lint. In addition, look for the mute button first and turn it off. 

Quick Solution:

  1. Try cleaning the mic after resetting it.
  2. If it does not work after resetting, buy a new one and save money on its repair.
  3. Look for the enabling of the microphone in your smartphone. 

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How to turn on Aftershokz Headphones?

To turn on your AfterShokz headphones, for my case in Xtrainerz, press the power button or multifunction button for about 3 seconds. You will hear “Welcome to AfterShokz/Shokz.” 

Aftershokz Troubleshooting

The Aftershokz problems, like not pairing, not charging, or not turning on, require proper troubleshooting. First, reset the headphones – to reset AfterShokz, press the multifunction button, volume + and volume – for 3 seconds (takes about 5 to 7 seconds). You can deal with other issues by learning AfterShokz Troubleshooting. 

Aftershokz Not Turning ON

Have you charged your Aftershokz? If your headphones are Not Turning ON, first make sure that you have fully charged your headphones. Now hard reset your headphones and upgrade them to the latest firmware.

Aftershokz Not Charging

If your AfterShokz is Not Charging, look for a compatible charger and undamaged wire before charging. If it is still not working, the battery is dead; you can either replace it or buy a new pair of AfterShokz.

Final Words 

Multifunction serves as the nucleus of the AfterShokz headphones that help manage everything. If you face a multifunction issue, you can apply these quick fixes to avoid any fuss. Learning about adequately using the multifunction is also necessary. 

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