How do Bone Conduction Headphones work when a user only wants to listen to music, such as on a train, where there is chatter and noise? The answer is earplugs, which come to your rescue and justify the frequent query on Reddit Do Bone Conduction Headphones Work with Earplugs?

Why do you need Bone conduction headphones in the first place? Have you specified your actual need? Is it music, awareness, or both? For my cycling hobby, I use AfterShokz OpenMove, one of the best Bone conduction headphones Aftershokz has ever produced. With Bone conduction headphones, I stay aware of my surroundings while listening to music. But I use earplugs while listening to music only.

There are different reasons why wearing earplugs is better with the Bone conduction headphones. Let’s get into the details on how to wear earplugs with Bone conduction headphones. So, keep reading. 

Do The Bone Conduction Headphones Work With Earplugs Or Not?

Yes, they do. Bone conduction headphones and earplugs work effectively together. The ear plugs lower the impact of the surrounding, which increases the bass impact of the music. As we know, Bone conduction headphones send vibrations to the bones in your ears instead of sending the sound waves to your ears. Due to the way the bone conduction headphones operate, the sound signals are sent directly to your brain. 

What Do Earplugs Do?

Earplugs come with NRR( noise reduction rating) ratings that don’t block all the sound from the surroundings but lower the impact, resulting in better bass quality and music experience from the Bone conduction headphones

However, remember that their functionality, along with the earplugs, also depends on the type of earplug you’re using. Some bone conduction headphones have a built-in “earplug equalizer setting.” 

Tip: Ensure your earplugs allow you to hear a bit, so you don’t need to take them out when you want to hear another person.

There are different types of earplugs that you can choose from. These are:

  • Foam Earplugs – made of soft foam that fits perfectly but partially blocks the ear canal.
  • High-Fidelity Earplugs/ Pre molded Ones – made of rubber and plastic mainly to lower the impact of noise around you.
  • Canal Caps – come with a band to cover the ear canal to let you enjoy the music on Bone conduction headphones.

Are Bone conduction headphones safe with Earplugs?

Are Bone conduction headphones safe? It is one of the most asked questions. If you have to use the earplugs with Bone conduction headphones, why don’t you use the regular headphones? Concerning?

Bone conduction headphones provide situational awareness and music simultaneously, which is impossible with traditional headsets. Using earplugs gives you a full bass-like music experience and is entirely safe. However, concerns are still related to bone conduction headphones tinnitus, and humming while wearing earplugs. 

On the other hand, you can use these headphones without earplugs when you are out for a workout, running, cycling, and even skateboarding. 

Can You Hear Bone Conduction Headphones While Wearing Earplugs?

Yes, you can hear your Bone conduction headphones while safely wearing your earplugs; this unconventional format is the only fix to Bone conduction headphones-related activities which involve safety concerns.

How do Bone conduction headphones work? In Bone headphones, the sound goes directly to the bones bypassing the external and eardrums. So, you can wear your Bone conduction headphones and still hear the sounds. The earplugs block any unreasonable vocal noises and background noises in public places.

Why do AfterShokz come with ear plugs?

AS one of the Best Bone conduction headphones makers, AfterShokz produces high-quality headphones featuring modern technology and leaves nothing to chance. AfterShokz comes with earplugs because they want their user to enjoy the music experience to the fullest while not running or cycling. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is It Beneficial To Wear Earplugs When You Are Using Your Bone Conduction Headphones?

It can be beneficial to use Bone conduction headphones and earplugs simultaneously. If you’re in public places or loud environments such as stadiums, cinemas, malls, or transport terminals, hearing too many noises at the same time can be a difficult and disturbing task, earplugs can help you focus on necessary things.

How Does This Work Under Loud Noises?

If you’re listening to podcasts or playing music in your Bone conduction headphones, the earplugs can block the noise so you can listen to the podcast or enjoy your music peacefully. Enjoying your music ends with the quality of your earplugs, if they can do so or not.

How To Reduce Chances Of Hearing Loss?

The best way to reduce any chances of disability is to make sure that you use both devices in a sophisticated and responsible manner. Please ensure that your ear canal is sealed adequately by your earplugs to shield your hearing; this is vital.

Tidbit: There is a consensus that sounds below 70 decibels (dBA) are safe, while sounds above 85 dBA or long exposure can cause hearing loss.


The above content should be able to clear your doubts about using the bone conduction headphones and the earplugs at the same time, do keep in mind that both of these devices are designed to make things easier for you, and both of them are relatively safe devices.

Just make sure that when you’re using both of these devices simultaneously, you use them in a responsible and sophisticated manner, carelessness is not good when it comes to hearing, and even the slightest of carelessness can prove to be dangerous for you.

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