For the love of headphones, I used quite a few of them. They make me run errands to a mechanic shop quite often. The headsets used to give perfect sound in the beginning, however, become faint during the passage of time. 

While experiencing the same drop in sound while using my JBL Headphones, I worrisomely dug deep and stumbled upon a reason that it can be caused by not maintaining the proper headphones’ hygiene. It is believed that a lot of grime, dust, and ear wax can pile up in those tiny crevices.

From then on, I religiously followed the cleaning routine and never had to go through such an issue again. If you are in the same boat, this article is here to guide you with all the tips and tricks on how to clean JBL Headphones.

How To Clean JBL Headphones

Before you kick start with cleaning your JBL headphones. Don’t forget to have all the things or necessary instruments by your side. That will make the process super easy and quick. Also, read along for the things that you need to be aware of in order to clean your gear without getting it damaged. 

Precautions To Take For Cleaning JBL Headphones

  • Be aware of your headphone’s IP Rating, which indicates how much water and dust they can withstand. Few headphones don’t have it, but most of them do.
  • To remove any tenacious debris from the headphones, always use a diluted solution of neutral detergent.
  • The use of a wet cloth should be avoided. Always squeeze the excess water out of it before cleaning your headphones.
  • Don’t use any sharp aggressive objects for cleaning those hard-to-reach areas.
  • Avoid cleaning the headphones near a sink or under a water faucet for preventing any sudden drops into the water
  • Never use rubbing alcohol in higher concentrations for any potential damage to the outer layers of your headset.

Supplies That You’ll Need 

  • Your JBL Headphones (of course!)
  • Soft-bristled nylon toothbrush.
  • A tweezer.
  • Some Q-tips.
  • A clean, lint-free, soft piece of cloth.
  • Dishwashing soap
  • Rubbing alcohol (70%)
  • A bowl of warm water

Procedure To Clean JBL Headphones

This procedure goes for any over-the-ear headphones. Follow all the steps with caution to avoid any damage to the inner electrical parts of your JBL Headphones.

  • If your headphones are attached to any source, be sure to unplug them.
  • Before beginning the cleaning process, press the power button off.
  • Start cleaning by making a soapy solution in lukewarm water. 
  • Stretch the headband so you can reach and clean into those tiny little areas easily. 
  • Detach the foamy earpads so that they can be cleaned separately.
  • Slightly dampen the cloth in soapy water and clean the headphones for any apparent dirt and grime.
  • Start wiping the earpads in every direction with the same damped cloth. Never forget the inner surface of earpads. Wipe them with the same cloth as well.
  • Now do the overall general cleaning of all the exterior surfaces of your gear.
  • If the stains or dirt are not easily gotten off the surface. Then slightly dampen the piece of microfiber cloth into rubbing alcohol and gently wipe all the surfaces of the headphones in every direction.
  • Don’t forget the small cracks/ crevices and all those hard-to-reach areas where dirt can easily get accumulated.
  • Use a cotton bud or nylon-bristled small brush slightly dampened in lukewarm water and wipe all the small areas present below the hinges and on the screws.
  • Clean the area present underside of earpads with the damped cloth. However, be careful about the liquid leaking into the inner parts as it can damage the functional drivers of your headset.
  • Do the cleaning of the wire if your headphone has any with the same soaked cloth.
  • Let the headset and its cleaned parts to air dry under normal room temperature.
  • After it gets dried, reattach those detached parts into the headset and store it into the case for further use.

Tip: Always squeeze any extra water from the cloth after soaking it in liquid or any rubbing alcohol.

Bonus Tip: Dry all the surfaces simultaneously as soon as you wipe your gear with a damped cloth. It prevents the gear’s outer surface from any damage or corrosion in the long run.

Warning: Do not swab with alcohol having higher percentages. This can damage the outer layer of your gear. 60% to 95% is more than enough to disinfect your headphones.

How to clean the JBL Headphones headband?

A: Headband cleaning is crucial to include in your headphone cleaning regimen. As this is the part that absorbs excess oil from the scalp. It should be cleaned with a lint-free cloth damped in warm soapy water or in rubbing alcohol in case the stain is super stubborn and refuses to come out.

How do you clean JBL Headphones pads?

A: First and foremost for cleaning the earpads, you must separate the earpads from earcups. Now take a small piece of soft microfiber cloth and soak it in warm soapy water. Wring any excess liquid and gently wipe clean the earpads in every direction. Use the cotton buds slightly dampen into the same solution for cleaning the inside of earpads where a cloth can’t easily reach. Make sure to wipe with a dry cloth afterward and reattach them to the headset after drying them out.

How do you clean JBL Bluetooth headphones?

A: Start by thoroughly cleaning the earpads of the headphones with a soft piece of cloth moistened in warm, soapy water. One should clean the inside and undersides of earpads as well with a cotton bud damped in the above solution. Pat every surface dry with a dried cloth simultaneously as soon as you clean them. The headband and its cushion should be cleaned with the same wet towel. Don’t forget to use the towel to clean the hinge and screw locations.

How do you clean JBL Headphones from sweat?

A: It is normal for the earpads of JBL headphones to absorb a bad odor if the user is susceptible to perspiration or is using them while working out. Each time one uses the gear or stores it, wipe them down with a moist piece of cloth damped in a soapy solution or in rubbing alcohol. Or you can expose them to sunshine for a short period of time to eliminate any odor. You would have to replace the earpads on occasion because, regrettably, they are synthetic leather.

How do you clean JBL wireless headphones?

A: To begin with the cleaning process, take a small towel damped but not soaked in the soapy solution. Start with wiping the general overall outer surfaces of the headset. Make sure to wipe clean the headband, its cushion, connectors, and the plastic material as well. Now clean the earpads thoroughly from inside and outside. Dry all the areas every time you wipe them clean with a moist cloth. Don’t forget to clean the hinges and screws with a small brush or cotton buds dipped in the exact solution.

How do you clean white JBL Headphones?

A: It is common that your white JBL Headphones will look paler and yellow after a while. But this should not stop you from buying this stylish premium color. We have a solution to get this pale color back to the new bright white. Use a cloth damped in a solution of hydrogen peroxide mixed with water. Wipe all the affected surfaces with it and dry them off after that.


When you don’t wear the same dirty t-shirt over again then why would you do that with your personal belongings such as your headphones? Though the dirt, grim, and ear wax seems unnoticeable that it doesn’t exist. However, it is still there peeking at you. And you better know it after reading this. Therefore, this article has got all the information to get started with cleaning your JBL Headphones. Maintain your headphone’s hygiene so that they will maintain your ear health in return. It is as simple as that.

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