Need help figuring out where to start when buying brand new aftershokz headphones? As bones-conduction headphones feature an accessible mechanism, you will not have to worry about using them. Taking care of the headphone control panel is of little concern now. So, learn with me How to Turn on Aftershokz Headphones? 

Looking for the power button to initiate headphones into the working position? Don’t do that because there is not any. The volume+ button does the task of increasing the volume on one side and also serves as the power button. 

It does not matter for which purpose you try to turn on the aftershokz headphones. In this article, I will mention how to turn on aftershokz headphones with an insightful guide to troubleshooting. 

How to Turn on Aftershokz Headphones?

Aftersholz bone conduction headphones come in different models, such as Titanium, Trekz Air, Aeropex, and many others. If you have recently purchased one of these headphones models, or you have just received one, and you’ve charged it until the light turns blue on the LED.

After that, you tried turning on your headphones for the first time, but you failed after many attempts, do not worry.

I advise examining the headphones’ control buttons to learn about their functions, such as turning them on or off. Most of the aftershokz headphones have only the volume up or down button. 

You can press the volume-up button and see magic. I have my Aftershokz Aeropex, and turning it on takes no time when following simple steps.

  • Press the power/volume up button for two seconds on the right side
  • The headphones turn on when Audrey utters, “Welcome to Aftershokz.”

If you are an aftershokz Opencomm user, you have noticed a Blue LED flash when turning on the headphones. 

How do you Turn on Titanium AfterShokz?

Aftershokz titanium follows the same button for turning them on but differs in the voice notification. When you press the power/volume up button for 3-5 seconds, Audrey generates a message as “Welcome to Trekz Titanium.”

How to Turn off AfterShokz Headphones?

You must be thinking, why turn off the headphones? Learning how to turn them off is as crucial as turning them on. When pairing or resetting, you must begin by turning off the headphones to extract effective performance. 

  • Press and hold the volume+ button for 3-5 seconds
  • The headphones switch off, sending you a message, “Power Off.”

Opencomm is a versatile headset; it delivers a voice notification and is equipped with a Red LED flash when turned off. 

Aftershokz Headphones Troubleshooting

Generally, aftershokz headphones are available with a 50% charge when taking them out of the box. Before using them, ensure the headphones have enough volts and amperes. So, charge them thoroughly until the LED indicates blue light.

Suppose the headphones do not turn on, even after charging or pressing the buttons. You must check for faulty (discharged or overcharged) batteries. However, resetting is the next step to eliminate AfterShokz not turning on or charging issues before claiming for warranty.

  • Turn off the headphones.
  • Enable the pairing mode by pressing the volume+ button for 5-7 seconds
  • Hold on until headphones blink red and blue flash (headphones turned on)
  • Tap on multifunction, volume up or down buttons for 3-5 seconds
  • The headphones beep and reset – clearing the faults.

How Long do Aftershokz Headphones last?

If the discussion is about comparing the battery timing, these devices will last you for 8 hours of talk or play time. The fun fact is that they serve more if utilized at optimum volume levels.

How to Turn on Aftershokz Bluetooth?

Turning on Bluetooth is one click away and done by turning off the headphones and pressing the volume up button. Hold on for 5-7 seconds until red and blue light flash. Blinking lights is the confirmation of Bluetooth turning on and preparing the headphones to pair with other devices.

How do I Know if my AfterShokz is Charging?

Why not take advantage of the LED indicators and estimate charging? The headphones show a red light if it needs charging or indicates a blue LED on a full charge. Press the volume+ or volume- button to find out the battery status. Remember not to play music or have headphone must be turned on.

Do AfterShokz Headphones Turn off Automatically?

No, aftershokz headphones do not turn off automatically. Instead, they demand pressing the volume+ button for a few seconds to accomplish the function.

How to Use AfterShokz Headphones?

To use headphones is to learn the basic commands. Aftershokz headphones come with two volume buttons on the right side and one multifunction button on the left side of the transducer. The left side button will assist you in pausing/playing or answering/ending the call. The right side is adjusted to increase/decrease the volume or turn on/off the headphones.

Can you wear AfterShokz in the Shower?

Different models of aftershokz headphones consist of different IP ratings. For example, with Aeropex (IP67), you can take them in showers and light rains but not in pools. Similarly, titanium with IP55 restricts you from using it as water-resistant and not waterproof.


If your headphones have a warranty, don’t play with them; claim the warranty. You will lose your warranty in that case.

You can replace the battery after the warranty period has expired or check what is going on with the LED light because moisture may be causing problems. You can use a blind pairing procedure to pair your headphones with your phone in this situation.

In addition, if you know that the headphones could have moisture in them, you can keep them in the sun, or you can use a heat gun to dry them out, but be sure to use the heat gun with precautions and with minimum heat.

Summing Up

Aftershokz headphones are very pocket-friendly devices and hence follow a less is more formula. You can easily remember how to turn on the headphones by pressing the volume-up button for a few seconds. Moreover, there is additional information to resolve the problem of aftershokz not turning on.

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