Where do you place your Bone conduction headphones on your head? Are they different from regular traditional headphones? I would say they are totally different, which makes them unique and different from the rest in that they free your ears to let you explore the world. How to wear Bone conduction headphones?

Bone conduction headphones offer good sound quality and comfort due to the curved frame placed around your ears from above and behind your neck. It will ensure that headphones’ drivers (used to produce vibrations and work as eardrums) are close to your cheekbone, directly in front of your outer ear. 

I have been using my AfterShokz Aeropex headphones for a while now and found them to be a great alternative to my Beats headphones. These headphones offer great situational awareness while running and cycling. Also, they are perfect with glasses. Let’s find out. 

How to wear Bone Conduction Earphones? Right Way

AfterShokz Headphones are leaders in the industry regarding Bone Conduction headphones. If you want the most helpful result, it is better to know how to wear Bone conduction headphones. You can get an insight and quick guide on how to wear it properly by:

Hold Upright Front

Wearing my AfterShokz headphones begins with the open end facing away while my wraparound band is close to my eyes. The volume buttons should face downwards.

Bring Your Device to the Back of Your Neck

Now take your headphones to the back of the base of your neck. Place the arms on the ears, a little above your temple bones, and adjust them according to your needs.

Proper Position | Where do you wear AfterShokz?

Bone conduction headphones do not use the air as a medium; instead, they use the cheekbone or temporal area to transfer the sound vibration to the inner ear by setting the transducers on the outside of the ears. So, it is essential to ensure that these headphones sit perfectly on the bone.

How do I make my AfterShokz fit better?

Although the frames running across the head of the AfterShokz should feel snug but not too loose, a little freedom is fine. But if you intend to run, cycle, exercise, etc., or do any intense activity with them, it should be tight enough to avoid headphones moving freely.   

It is impossible to wear Bone conduction headphones over the ear (drivers over the ear) because of their shape and design, which is the standard in any Bone conduction headphones. So, drivers must stay in front of their outer ears to utilize Bone conduction headphones effectively. 

Aftershokz Too Big or Too Small for Heads

The problem is that some people buy bone conduction headphones without gathering any information about them, and headphones do not fit on their heads (remain free or are tight). 

Bone conduction headphones are not made for every head, either for large heads or small or medium heads. So before you buy any bone headphones, make sure they are adjustable. However, many Bone conduction headphones come with adjustable frames that a sliding system can adjust to provide better comfort while wearing them. 

But remember that adjustable bone headphones are also not for every head size. They are made for either big or small to medium heads. Because not everyone’s head size is the same, and as you know, the majority is the authority, which is why most brands target small to medium-head-size audiences.

Impact of Clamping Force

It is always necessary to check the clamping force of the headbands. Clamping force ensures proper sitting on your cheekbones and keeps them intact while running and cycling.

Tips on How to wear bone conduction headphones

You can follow these pre and post-buying Bone Conduction headphones tips for an ideal listening experience. 

  • Make sure you read the instructions carefully before wearing Bone conduction headphones.
  • Make sure to check the description for whether they are adjustable and buy adjustable ones regardless of your head size.
  • To determine whether headphones will fit a big or small head, check the headphone size in the description.
  • Buying bone headphones for running, gym workouts, or intense work, make sure the headphones are tight behind your head, as loose headphones will bounce around.

How to wear Aftershokz with a headband?

If you wear a headband or bandana on your head, you can still wear AfterShokz with it. Just follow these steps, and you are good to go.

  1. Wear the AfterShokz Aeropex on the cheekbones and adjust the clamping force.
  2. After that, wear your headband.
  3. Adjust the headband according to AfterShokz headphones.
  4. You should wear the headphones below your ears, bringing them up to your lobes for a secure fit.

How to wear Aftershokz with glasses? 

To wear AfterShokz with glass:

  • Place your headphones around the ear on the cheekbones and turn them on.
  • Now place the arms of your glasses on the ears and adjust according to your comfort.
  • You can place either headphone first or glasses first. You can switch the place of the headphone to get better comfort. 

Final Words

Wearing Bone conduction headphones determines whether you will get a satisfying experience. So, follow this quick guide and steps to avoid losing your comfort. Moreover, the tips for pre-buying and post-buying headphones are food for knowledge. So, enjoy listening.

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