How do you spend your shower time? What’s your go-to song? I usually listen to music on my soundbar while taking a shower. My listening routine changed when I purchased AirPods for their noise cancellation and transparency. Now I always wear them while enjoying my music everywhere, even in my shower( I take them off before shower). As an audiophile, I always come across questions on different platforms like, Can I shower with AirPods Pro Reddit? Can you? 

Well, if you love your AirPods that come in top-notch features, making them one of the most satisfying listening devices, you will not think of losing them. Wouldn’t you? In this discussion, I’ll ensure you get the most practical and reliable answer to this query about taking a shower while wearing AirPods.

Can I shower with AirPods Pro?

Before wearing AirPods to the shower, one might wonder why anyone would wear such an expensive device to the shower. Whether you can wear them or not is a separate query, but you need to know how they are made. The reason I bought it was the H1 chip that brings numerous quick features and proper noise cancellation.

The drivers of the AirPods Pro are custom high-excursion drivers that bring no distortion. On the other hand, the Dynamic range amplifiers make the audio experience more complete with loud bass. So, overall it is a complete device for me, but I would not suggest you wear your AirPods Pro to shower. 

You should not wear your AirPods when in the shower for two reasons: AirPods pros are sweat and water-resistant when used in non-water sports and physical activity. IEC standard 60529 rated the AirPods Pro and AirPods under controlled laboratory conditions as IPX4. The other reason is its build quality; they are not made to bear the water pressure and for deep water.

Tip: If you experience a small splash in the shower, clean and dry it immediately. You may use the hair dryer if needed.

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Are AirPods waterproof? 

Everyone with the AirPods, including me, has only one query: Are AirPods Waterproof or not? For my readers, I would clearly say that No, they are not. Waterproof means you can quickly go running and working out or take a shower while wearing AirPods without affecting the performance or short circuit. 

I experimented with this while wearing it for shower and took tremendous care while still hit by some water splashes. As expected, it made an AirPods pro water damage by lowering the bass quality. 

Note: I took a shower wearing very cautiously; there was no direct contact of the water with AirPods except the water splashes. I cleaned the AirPods with a spotless cloth, let them dry, and played after 40 minutes.

Apple itself disclosed the water-resistance ability of the AirPods bearing only minor water contact. They are IPX4 under the IEC standard, which clarifies that AirPods are not waterproof. 

The other main concern I faced was the MagSafe charging case, which was also not waterproof or water resistant. So, I had to clean the AirPods and let them dry before using them to charge your earpieces. 

Is it OK for AirPods to get wet?

I have been using AirPods from the beginning and am a big fan of the four and half hours battery. But when it comes to water resistance and water-proofing, they are not that reliable at all. So, with IPX4 ratings, you should know that you should avoid getting it wet. Otherwise, you will end up with bad performance or total burnout.

Tip: If your AirPods get wet, clean them with a lint-free cloth.

How do I protect my AirPods in the shower?

How do I protect my AirPods in the shower

The best thing is to avoid using AirPods in the shower; you may use the Soundbars or any other Bluetooth external speakers. But, if you still want to wear them in the shower, then wear a shower cap and cover them with cling film or food wrap to avoid direct contact with the water. 

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Can you wear AirPods in the shower with a shower cap?

The biggest hack I recommend is using a shower cap while wearing AirPods. Yes, there are specific issues you may face if water gets into the pods, but if you keep the balance and know where the water is falling on your body, you can wear it. 

Before washing your hair, you can remove the AirPods and take a shower later. Shower caps are mainly waterproof when you wear them right, and they work perfectly well to keep the water away from your AirPods. It is better to inspect any leakage or tearing.

AirPods Pro Water Damage 

If AirPods Pro gets into direct contact with the water, there are certain things you can experience.

  • The sound quality will be affected, and the bass will be lower.
  • You can hear the distortion of the music.
  • It will stop functioning correctly. 
  • The controls will start malfunctioning.

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Final Words

I have discussed all the probabilities of wearing AirPods in the shower and the possible repercussions of it. Taking a shower with the AirPods on is a kind of challenging scenario that you can not achieve quickly. But I have provided you with tweaks that you can use, but you need to protect the AirPods to avoid the burnout of the electronics or other sound quality issues. Just buy waterproof headphones if you can’t live without music at any cost. 

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