When I was doing my laundry, I accidentally left my AirPods in my pants pocket. I forgot to take them out of the pants before putting them in the washer. Suddenly, I realized I couldn’t find AirPods on the table. So, I rushed to the washer, started searching for them, and got them out. Ever happened to your AirPods? Well, if you are curious to know about: Can AirPods survive the washing machine? Then this piece is for you.

In this article, you will know about my experience with the washing machine and what I did after I took them out of the washing machine. Later in the article, you will also learn how to dry AirPods after they get wet. 

Note: Apple has already instructed the users to avoid washing AirPods or drying them with a dryer. 

Can AirPods pro survive the washing machine?

AirPods are water resistant, and IPX4 rated, which means they can withstand a little water and sweat, but things get out of hand when it comes to a complete washing machine cycle. I am continuously getting these questions on Reddit Can AirPods survive the washing machine Reddit, and this is my take.

It was frustrating at first when I faced this problem, and I thought I had lost my AirPods Pro. After looking them out from the washing machine, I first put them in the Dryer without knowing the repercussions.

I had no hope of these working after making them completely dry. I did charge them for about half an hour till I was satisfied and opened the case. The magic moment was when I saw the light flashing. When I used both pods in the ear, they were working. It was a bit surprising and shocking at the same time.

I comprehended that there were two main reasons:

  • The build quality of the AirPods case is reliable.
  • Pants and clothes provided them insulation.
  • I let them dry till I was satisfied. 

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Can Airpods case survive the washing machine?

It was a fuzzy situation when I heard the AirPods Pro washing machine squeaking noise. I lost my mind and ran towards the machine and turned it off. Hastings found them in the pockets, but the main reason they were safe was the Airpods case. Is Airpod case waterproof? No, they are water-resistant, but they were completely covered so the earphones would not get wet.

My MagSafe Charging Case for AirPods survived the washing machine but always tried to check your pockets before washing them. However, washing machines and heavy water spills can cause AirPods to fail and end up dead. AirPods’ cases are generally water resistant, ensuring their durability, but washing machines and heavy water spills can cause their circuits to fail.

How to dry AirPods?

Drying AirPods is a relatively easy way to keep your device healthy and sound. By reducing moisture levels and exposing the air pods to air, you can help them stay in good condition. 

  • If you face a situation where your AirPods get wet, you don’t know what to know. The first thing you can do is not to turn them on. Let them dry completely. 
  • I recommend using a microfiber cloth to dry your AirPods if they get wet, as well as a cotton swab to dry the small ports if they are wet.
  • Additionally, using a hairdryer or other heat source can help remove any excess moisture, but heavy blowing can end up in circuit burn.

Does Rice work for wet AirPods?

Putting the wet AirPods in the Rice doesn’t work that efficiently. The main reason I avoid using them is that, with open-air or a dryer, the water evaporates in the air, but in the case of Rice, it goes slowly, and the AirPods do not get dry quickly.

In addition, the dust and grains pollute the AirPods more than they help rescue them. So, I would not suggest you put them in Rice. 

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Can AirPods survive the Dryer?

Can AirPods survive the Dryer

AirPods are one of the most popular headphones on the market and can handle a lot of wear. When I forgot my AirPods Pro in the washing machine, and after taking them out, I cleaned them with a clean cloth and soaked the water before putting them in the Dryer. 

Right after that, I put them in the Dryer to dry the water entirely from the AirPods; the device worked adequately in both ears. So, based on my experience, I can authenticate that AirPods survive the Dryer, but it is not for every case. Sometimes, it works, and sometimes it isn’t.

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Conclusion | Can I wash my AirPods?

I would say surprisingly, AirPods survival in the washing machine; did for me. On the other hand, for some time, it became quieter, and after some time, it became louder again. I have provided you with real-life experience and how I handled the situation. I also discussed the drying process you can adopt to dry quickly. And to the query, Can I wash my AirPods? No, it would be best if you do not wash your AirPods and clean them with a wet microfiber cloth that will do the job.

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