Didn’t you really know that your favorite go-to headset might be swamped in a pool of bacteria? According to microbiologists, these are normally occurring microbes on the skin and so on headphones. However, they can cause ear infections if there are cuts or abrasions found in the skin.

Moreover, your headphone absorbs all sorts of materials, from synthetic products such as makeup to naturally occurring unavoidable sebum, dead skin cells, oils from the scalp, and ear wax to being thrown away in the pocket of your bag and attracting even more germs, dirt, and gunk. 

Well! It points out that your gear needs cleaning every now and then, That’s why we have put up an easy-to-understand guide on how to clean a Razor Headphone as per the company’s guidelines without putting your costly headphones at risk.

So are you excited to get your headphones back in a clean and tidy condition? Read along and enjoy!

How to Clean Razer Headphones

Clean Razer Headphones

Cleaning a Razer or any brand’s headphones is an easy task to achieve if you are having the right types of equipment by your side. Fortunately! This process requires a few pieces of equipment that are easily available in the convenience of your home.

Another crucial detail before heading towards cleaning your Razor Headphone is to read the precautionary measures. So that you can execute the cleaning process without further harming your device.

Precautions To Take While Cleaning Razer Headphones

Precautions To Take Before Cleaning Sony Headphones
  • To remove any lingering dirt from headphones, use the neutral detergent solution that has been diluted. Never use any hash substances that could harm the product’s exterior layer, such as alcohol, benzene, or thinner.
  • Never use a wet cloth. Always squeeze the excess water out before proceeding with cleaning.
  • The use of sharp objects looks tempting to get the work done in seconds. However, it can damage the device and may cost you a lot of money. Better to stay away from objects such as toothpicks, metals, tweezers, etc.
  • Do not perform cleaning near or under the flowing water faucet.
  • Always give them time to dry after cleaning under normal room temperature. Don’t use any dryer or heating machine for this purpose.

Items That You’ll Need 

  • No fancy cloth just a Soft Microfiber cloth will do the job.
  • Rubbing Alcohol (70% concentrated) to disinfect.
  • Regular mild detergent
  • Warm water 
  • Cotton Q-tips
  • A Razer Headphone (Oh! Yes, that’s mandatory)

Procedure To Clean Razer Headphones

The mentioned steps will help you clean your headphone according to Razer brand’s instructions. Carefully, following these points ensures your device’s prolonged life as well as prevents it from further damage while cleaning.

  • First and foremost, disconnect the device if it’s connected to any.
  • Second, make sure to switch off the headphone before starting the cleaning procedure.
  • Use an alcohol-based cleaning solution (at least 70% isopropyl alcohol) to lightly dampen a lint-free microfiber cloth.
  • Stretch the headband to make it easier to clean those teeny, tiny spaces with the damped cloth.
  • The foam earpads should be removed as well so they may be cleaned individually.
  • Now, with the same damp towel, wipe the earpads in all directions. Never overlook the earpads’ inside. Use the same cloth to clean them as well.
  • After this, gently wipe all the outer surfaces of the headphones in a circular motion.
  • You can use an ordinary detergent diluted in some lukewarm water to get rid of the stains which refuse to come out easily.
  • Don’t forget to clean the tight spaces, hard-to-reach spots, and tiny cracks and crevices where dirt can readily collect.
  • Wipe all of the little places present below the hinges and on the screws using a cotton bud damped in a rubbing alcohol solution.
  • Let it air dry under normal room temperature.
  • Reattach the parts and start using them once the device is completely dried.

Warning: Using scrubbing motion while cleaning may damage the outer layer of the headphone.

Pro Tip: Always squeeze any extra water out from the cloth. It will prevent leaking any liquid into the earcups and in turn into the speakers themselves.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to Clean Razer Kraken headset?

Grab a small cloth and dab it lightly with the diluted detergent solution or rubbing alcohol to start cleaning. Start by wiping the headset’s general outside surfaces. The headband, cushion, connectors, and plastic material should all be properly cleaned.

Now thoroughly clean the earpads both inside and out. Every time you use a moist towel to clean an area, be sure to dry it completely. Don’t forget to use a small brush or cotton swabs dipped in the precise solution to clean the hinges and screws

How to Clean Razer Blackshark V2?

A Razer Blackshark V2 Headphone cleaning is the same as for any other over-ear headphones. Just start by giving the earpads a thorough cleaning with a soft cloth dampened in warm, soapy water. With a cotton bud dampened in the aforementioned solution, one should also wipe the interior and undersides of the earpads.

As soon as you have cleaned each surface, simultaneously pat each one dry with a dried cloth. Use the same moist cloth to clean the headband and its cushion. Don’t forget to wipe the hinge and screw areas with the towel.

The Bottom Line

Headphones truly have the potential for transmitting diseases if it gets into the ears of a person having infections mentioned in the study. That is why the idea of sharing your headphones with others isn’t liked by many.

As the dirt will not only extract the life out of your gear by shortening the life expectancy to be with you but will also put your ear’s health at risk. However, the above seemingly huge problem can be solved by following a simple cleaning regime mentioned in this article. Your Razor Headphone cleaning seeks your attention only for a few minutes a day and requires cleaning once a week according to the usage of the gear but this can only happen with a strong conviction to clean them often and make them look brand new ever again.

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