Do you know bone conduction technology has expanded its tech from headphones to glasses? For a tech lover like me, it’s an opportunity to wear Bone Conduction Safety Glasses that work on the principles of bone conduction and privilege me to protect my eyes and hear ambient sounds.

Bone conduction glasses have a Bone Conductor Device, bendable arms, and a nose piece for a better fit. These are headphones in the form of spectacles so that you can wear them behind the ears against the bones. In addition, these glasses also protect the eyes against the sun’s harmful rays.

This article will mention bone conduction safety glasses and how they work. You will also know the worth of using Bone conduction sunglasses.

How Do Bone Conduction Sunglasses Work?

Bone conduction devices (transducers) are located at the end of the arms of the glasses. These devices generate vibrations and thus involve the conversion of electrical signals to mechanical vibrations and send them through the skull bones directly into the innermost part of the ears.

Hence, bypassing the outer or middle ear. The auditory nerve carries the signals from the cochlea to the brain. It further translates as sounds to be heard. 

Note: the inside vibrations are invisible and thus cannot interfere with traditional hearing mechanisms.

Bluetooth Bone Conduction Safety Glasses – Specifications And Features

Specifications And Features

Do you get bored of wearing Bone conduction headphones and want something trendy?

If yes, it’s time to switch from headphones to glasses with the same technology. In this article, there are some specifications that bone conduction safety glasses possess to maximize your listening experience in a revolutionized way. 

The open-ear design of the bone glasses allows you to hear what is happening around you with audio playing in the background. One primary function of bone glasses is that they are equipped with Bluetooth connectivity, so you can connect your laptops, tv, or smartphones to listen to whatever you want.

In addition, there are bone conduction glasses that even teach the features of voice assistants. Touch controls to adjust the volume and skip the songs are also situated on the ends of the arms. With built-in microphones, these glasses are also helpful in managing phone calls, even in noisy environments. Thus, you will find them no less than bone headphones in features and functions.

Why should you buy bone conduction safety glasses?

Why should you buy bone conduction safety glasses
  • Because they will have to compete with safety glasses and headphone retailers, the best Bone conduction safety glasses should provide excellent UVA and UVB protection.
  • As you can make and receive hands-free phone calls using Bone conduction sunglasses, you can stay on top of your daily activities.
  • The bone Safety sunglasses increase awareness since you can hear outside sounds and your music.
  • With the trend toward advanced artificial intelligence technology, owning these glasses will make you stand out.

Why should you avoid Bone conduction safety glasses?

Why should you avoid Bone conduction safety glasses
  • You must pay a pretty hefty amount if you wish to obtain a pair of these safety glasses. 
  • The weight of safety glasses is more significant than typical ones, so you’ve to compromise if you want to buy one pair.
  • You will undoubtedly need to try them on before you make a purchase (which is not possible if you want to buy them online)

Bose Sunglasses vs. Optishokz

Bose Sunglasses vs Optishokz

There is always the rivalry between air conduction and bone conduction technology. So, which technology is worth the use? Hence, we will compare Bose Audio Sunglasses and OptiShokz Revvez.

Bose Frames Smart Audio Sunglasses works on the mechanism of Open Audio technology. They rest behind the ears and deliver audio via speaker grilles. And manage phone calls with a microphone on the right side of the lens. Hence you find all the similar features of bone glasses, like the touch button, IPX4 waterproofing, and activation of google assistant or Siri in these frames.

Optishokz Revvez, manufactured by Aftershokz, is the actual bone-conduction sunglasses. They have 4.2 Bluetooth connectivity, along with certified IP55 waterproofing. You can also command Google voice assistant and Siri to take your calls. 

Hence, both technologies have perks, and deciding which technology has more impact defines the worth of using these glasses.

Bone Conduction Safety Glasses – Buying Guide

Bone Conduction Safety Glasses buying guide

Different brands offer bone-conduction glasses along with headphones. However, some factors should be considered when buying the best bone conduction glasses. In this regard, you have to choose a device that plays a dual role, such as headphones and sunglasses.


Sunglasses are always trendsetters and believe in completing the overall look. And the music glasses add four folds to this idea. So choose one that has an impressive design along with a better fit. The sunglasses method does matter as you must wear them for sports, in offices, or at home. 

Eye Protection

Bone conduction glasses are famous for music sunglasses, but their primary role is to protect the eyes from the sun’s harmful rays. So, these glasses are made with polycarbonate lenses with UVA and UVB protection. 


Anything you wear based on the level of comfort. Isn’t it? If the device does not meet your expectations, the desired comfort you want is of no use. So, choose the sunglasses that have the perfect fitting of the frames behind the ears and an adjusting nose piece to keep the glasses in place for extended wear. Optishkz Revvez contains TR90 nylon frames and a nose piece of rubber.

Sound Quality

Why do you consider music glasses instead of simple ones? Of course, you want music playing everywhere around you. Any gadget’s sound quality, whether the headphones or sunglasses, must be the top priority. There is no means of using glasses that cannot play sound in noisy environments or leak audio to the level people around you hear.

However, bone conduction glasses do not provide sound compared to audiophiles but still allow you to hear your favorite tracks. 

Top Brands of Bone Conduction Glasses

Bone conduction glasses are new technology, and music enthusiasts must want to try them out. The top brands offer these gadgets with all the features to carry out your daily chores.

Is Bone Conduction Better For Your Ears?

Bone conduction is better because nothing goes into the ears to promote ear infections and keep you aware of the outer world. On the contrary, Bone conduction and air conduction at louder volumes cause headaches.

What Are The Disadvantages of Smart Glasses?

Smart glasses are trendy and look trendy. But, the term smart associated with them does not make their smart devices. They are just glasses that protect your eyes from dust and allergies. Because when there is no other device, such as a smartphone, to pair with them. PS: the glasses do not operate on their own.

Are Alexa glasses bone conduction?

Echo Frames (2nd Gen), smart audio glasses with 4 micro speakers beamforming audio to the user’s ear, have been my go-to device. They are not equipped with Bone Conduction technology. Instead, they use micro speakers to do the job.

Can you get prescription smart glasses?

Yes, if you face issues like lack of proper focus, slight dizziness, headache, and blurriness, it leads to getting the smart prescription classes. Prescription glasses combine with micro speakers, good Bluetooth connection, and even Alexa. 

Why are smart glasses not popular? 

While augmented reality is a relatively new technology, certain aspects make it less popular. One of them is the hefty price; being connected to the smartphone or device to perform certain features and privacy is another concerning aspect of smart glasses.

Can you wear glasses with Bone conduction headphones?

Yes, you can wear Bone conduction headphones with glasses. It is better to place the headphones first or glasses first to adjust accordingly. First, wear your glasses, place the headphones’ headband back on the neck, and adjust the arms on the cheekbones. 


I know most of them are used to wearing prescribed glasses, and if they include the latest technology, utilizing them will be a complete entertainment package. In the case of bone headphones, you need to take care of their fixing, but managing them is a lot easier with bone glasses. So, try them out and move forward with confidence. 

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