How do you wear your AfterShokz? Bone conduction headphones transmit sound through the skull bones instead of the eardrum. Because of this, the headphones must be placed correctly on the head to ensure effective sound transmission. So, How to Wear AfterShokz Headphones?

Before wearing the headphones, make sure they are comfortable and secure, and place the AfterShokz just behind your ears, along your cheekbones. In this guide, you will know the complete details of wearing AfterShokz correctly. 

How to Wear Aftershokz Headphones?

Where should bone conduction headphones sit

Using bone conduction technology? What model are you using for AfterShokz Bone Conduction headphones? Aftershokz headphones, like I am using Aeropex and have Xtrainerz for my gym routine. 

It transmits sound waves directly through your bones, so you can still hear external sounds while wearing them. You may need help hearing low-volume audio while listening to music or taking phone calls if you need to wear them correctly.

  1. Hold your Aftershokz in front of your eyes.
  2. Now take them back of your head and open the arms.
  3. After that, place the arms or transducers on the cheekbones.
  4. Adjust the headbands of the AfterShokz on the neck area. 
  5. Fix the clamping force according to your comfort.
  6. Listen to your favorite jam on AfterShokz.

Where should bone conduction headphones sit?

Place bone conduction headphones behind your hairline, with the arms resting on your temples. There should be no gaps between the arms and the temples. You should angle your headphones slightly forward to point toward your cheekbones.

To ensure that the headphones are comfortable, ensure they are not too tight or loose. Your ears should not experience any strain or discomfort as long as the headphones are positioned correctly.

How do I make my AfterShokz fit better?

You can try a few things to make your AfterShokz Aeropex fit better:

  • Try tightening or loosening the headband to find the most comfortable fit. Make sure it’s positioned correctly on your head.
  • The included earplugs may help you create a better seal in your ear if you are having trouble keeping AfterShokz in place.
  • Make sure you’re using the appropriate size earbud for your ears if you’re using the wrong size earbud.

What Is the Best Way to Wear Aftershokz with A Headband?

What Is the Best Way to Wear Aftershokz with A Headband

Here’s how to wear your Aftershokz headphones with a headband:

  • Firstly, you need to hold the headphone band behind your head so that the headphone is held and placed in the right spot.
  • It’s time to try out different earphone positions to see which one feels best.
  • Ensure that the headband fits comfortably on your head, and position the earbuds just in front of your ears.
  • Then connect it to the Audio Source and enjoy your music routine.

What is the Best Way to Wear Aftershokz with Sunglasses?

What is the Best Way to Wear Aftershokz with Sunglasses

Several factors will determine if Aftershokz will work with your glasses, including the shape and size of your head.

You might feel uncomfortable wearing sunglasses if your Aftershokz headphones are too loose. If they are too loose, they might move around on your head. It is possible to wear your sunglasses over your Aftershokz headphones if they have a shallow frame, which will allow you to see clearly.

As an alternative, you can wear your sunglasses under the headband of your Aftershokz headphones. In this case, you can keep them in place while still being able to access your sunglasses.

Your personal preferences and the specific sunglasses you are wearing will determine how best to wear Aftershokz headphones with sunglasses.

What to Do When AfterShokz Too Big?

There are a few things that I personally recommend that you can try if you find that your AfterShokz headphones are too big:

Correctly Positioned

Ensure the headphones are correctly positioned on your head, and the ear cups are fully seated over your ears. Adjust the headband to find a more comfortable fit.

Know Your Size/ Follow Size Guide

AfterShokz includes sizing guides with their headphones to help you find the right fit. Follow the instructions to ensure you use the correct size for your head.

Adjust the Clamping Force 

It is better to adjust the clamping force of the headband according to your needs. You can press from both sides to adjust the metallic band. 

Note: Don’t go harsh with it; you may lose your Shokz or get a distorted sound.

Use Hooks to fit

Some AfterShokz headphones come with ear hooks that help keep them in place and prevent them from feeling too big.

If everything does not work, get a new one according to your head size.

How to wear Aftershokz correctly?

The correct way for the user is when they feel comfortable. Place the headphones over your ears, with the headband resting on the top of your head. Adjust the headband so that it is snug but not too tight. The headphones should feel secure but not painful to wear.

Place the bone conduction transducers in front of your ears on your cheekbones. Skin contact is recommended for transducers. If you use headphones while working out, ensure they are secure and do not slip or fall off. Ensure the headphones are securely fitted with the included ear plugs or hooks.

What is the best way to wear AfterShokz with a Protective Helmet?

Mostly, the AfterShokz headband surrounds the back head in a way that is low enough to clear most protective helmets commonly used. But mainly, it depends on the size of your head and the models of Aftershokz.

You may have to experiment with the right fit and positioning for the headphones to stay on and deliver clear sound. Putting the headphones under the helmet with the bone conduction pads on your cheekbones can be convenient, but it may become irritating due to sweat and vibration.

If you buy AfterShokz bone conduction headphones, reading their descriptions and details is good.


I have provided you with the details and explanatory guide on How to wear AfterShokz headphones ideally. You can follow the steps to wear them correctly with the protective helmet when your head is small and AfterShokz is too big for you. 

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