AKG K240 Studio and its inheritor K240 MKII are two time-tested studio headphones that might be just what you’re looking for if you’re on a budget. As a whole, these headphones offer the highest standard of sound quality for producers, musicians, and podcasters. 

Both have the same specifications. Whether for mix-downs or tracking sessions, both would fit in equally well. There are, however, some updates to the K240 MKII, including a new set of cables and earpads. We will now look closer at the K240 Studio and K240 MKII, two of the line’s modern iterations.

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AKG K240 Studio vs. K240 MKII Comparison Chart

ModelAKG K240 Studio AKG K240 MKII
Stereo SpeakersYesYes
Impedance55 Ohms55 Ohms
Active Noise CancellationNoNo
Open-Back DesignYesNo
BatteryNo BatteryNo Battery
Amplification RequiredYesYes
Lowest Frequency15Hz15Hz
Highest Frequency25000Hz25000Hz
Driver Unit Size30mm30mm
Sound pressure level104dB/mW104dB/mW
Connector3.5mm Jack with 1/4″ Adapter3.5mm Jack with 1/4″ Adapter
Primary UseMixing, Mastering, Reference, GamingMixing, Mastering, Reference, Gaming
Tangle Free CableYesYes
Neodymium MagnetNoNo
Passive Noise ReductionNoNo
BluetoothNo BluetoothNo Bluetooth
Adjustable headbandYesYes
Built-in control buttonsNoNo
Detachable microphoneNoNo
Built-in microphoneNoNo
In-line microphoneNoNo
Interchangeable ear padsNoYes
Detachable Cable YesYes
Cables IncludedStraight (9.8 ft.)1 Coiled (16.4 ft.), 1 Straight (9.8 ft.
MaterialsPlastic, Faux LeatherPlastic, Faux Leather

AKG K240 Studio, and K240 MKII Descriptive Comparison

Design and Comfort


What millennials might consider a ‘Retro’ design had actually existed as long as most of their parents have; that’s why the AKG K240 Studio takes on the aesthetics of an era when bell-bottomed pants were considered ‘cool.’ Although most of it is made of plastic, the adjustable headbands and large ear cups make it comfortable enough to wear for extended periods, despite being on a budget.

The durability of the materials used has been questioned for some justifiable reasons. High-end models like the AKG K701, which utilize metal on the headband and suede on the earcups, offer a much more elegant look. Despite this, these headphones are lighter. As a result, the overall comfort I mentioned earlier is enhanced. As a result, the trade-off seems fair.

Let’s take a closer look at semi-open or open-back earcups and their advantages and disadvantages.

There’s no vacuum-like enclosure around your head with these earcups, so you won’t be isolating yourself from the people around you while you listen to music. They allow your ears to breathe.

As a result, the sound is perceived organically. As a result of the ventilation, sound reaches your ears more naturally. Additionally, they are more comfortable.

These are, however, limited to quieter environments where external noise won’t disturb you. As a result, anyone around you can hear the sound clearly. There is a 3.5 mm input on the left ear on the AKG 240 Studio for connecting the cable. A significant advantage of this is that it can be detachable and replaced if necessary. All your musical devices can be connected to the other end of the same cable.


The build and design of the AKG K240 MKII are very similar. This department differs only in two ways. You can choose between velvet earcups and leatherette earcups. A straight cable of 3m and a coiled cable of 5m are included. They are both detachable.

In contrast to the predecessor’s gold edging, the AKG K240 MKII has a blue edge. That’s all I have to say. These headphones have no other differences!

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The Sound

Both headphones have the same frequency response. This is because the sound driver has not been changed. Some might be disappointed that a ‘successor’ fails to improve this aspect, while others will be pleased that a timeless classic has remained dependable over the generations.

In retrospect, it is evident that these cans were designed when the bass was not as heavy and low as in some more modern genres like EDM or Hip-Hop.

Using a second pair of headphones or a speaker system with a subwoofer would be best if you want to fine-tune those sub-basses. These headphones have a low response in that frequency range. Several modern producers might even describe it as non-existent.

On the other hand, these deliver excellent results for the rest of the frequency range. There is a flat, neutral, and transparent sound throughout the whole spectrum, from the bass to the low-mids to the mids to the treble.

This equipment is perfect for checking out mixes that feature vocals, guitars, pianos, and acoustic drums. Its clarity demonstrates why it has become an industry standard over the years.

There is an impedance of 55 Ohm. It has a sensitivity of 91dB/mW. The frequency response ranges from 15Hz to 25kHz.

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I’d honestly say that these are pretty inefficient and will produce extremely quiet sound from your mobile device, laptop, or phone. So, It is mandatory to have an amplifier.

91dB of Sensitivity also means that said amp will need to provide a lot of power to reach peak loudness. If you plug into a source without an amp, you’ll be scratching your head and wondering where your money went.

Investing in an amp such as the JDS Labs Objective 2 or DragonFly Red would be a good idea, both of which will serve you well for a long time. All Impedance levels are well-served by this amp, and the sound is totally neutral and clean.


The headphones come with 3m long cables that connect to your audio system via a 3.5mm stereo jack that can be converted to 6.3mm using the included adapter. This adapter lets you convert to 6.3 mm when connecting to audio interfaces or amplifiers.

As mentioned earlier, the MKII comes with additional cables. Either of these devices offers no wireless connectivity.


The AKG 240 Studio and AKG K240 MKII were roughly $75 and $165, respectively, at the time of this article. Refurbished AKG products are also available from Harman, which are restored to factory specs and come with original warranty coverage.

AKG K240 MKII Pros and Cons


  • It provides a very natural sound
  • A headband that fits naturally to the contours of your head and self-adjusts
  • It is possible to replace the earpads
  • Due to the half-open construction and smart materials choice, the headphones will not cause any noticeable discomfort when worn for extended periods


  • Due to its size, it is not suitable for portable use
  • After a few meters from the headphone amplifier, the coiled cable begins to produce noticeable resistance

AKG K240 Studio Pros and Cons


  • Although you can use it in a home studio, the level of performance is still at an actual professional level
  • It provides an incredibly accurate dynamic range
  • Each nuance of the music can be heard
  • This device is flexible and lightweight, with a good design function


  • It leaks sound
  • A lot of plastic is used in the construction, which makes it feel weak

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Fans of EDM and hip-hop will want to look elsewhere for headphones that allow them to crank out their favorite songs, but home studio musicians will find the K240s ideal.

In the studio headphone world, the AKG K240 has a reputation for superb detailing, extremely accurate sound representation, and an unbeatable price. Whether you choose the K240 Studio or the MKII, you will not regret your purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is AKG K240 MKII good for mixing?

The K240S is very capable of mixing, so you can do it. EQing presence needs to be done with care, as you might end up with an overly bright and under-bassy mix. In the K240S, the high-frequency effects aren’t really hearable, and the low bass is a bit too pronounced, so you have to compensate for it.

Are AKG K240 good for music?

Unlike full-on open-back headphones, the semi-open design makes listening to music in public much more enjoyable. While we don’t recommend the K-240 for public music listening, we can’t deny its superior performance compared to almost all open-back headphones.

Is AKG K240 comfortable?

The AKG K240 has a retro look with the classic AKG logo on the headband, but it also has an exceptional sound. As far as technology is concerned, there aren’t many new changes. A semi-open back is featured on these headphones. However, they’re reliable, comfortable, and sound great.

Does the AKG K240 have a mic?

P220 Vocal Condenser Microphone for AKG K240 Studio Semi-Open Over-Ear Studio Headphones.

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