Audio Bone was the first phone connection headphones which were made especially for sports. Audio Brand said that these headphones provide you with good quality as well as keep you aware of the surroundings. Many brands came to the market with the same marketing technique, and they succeeded in grabbing a massive audience. But the fact that phone connection headphones give the same sound quality as traditional headphones and also alert you to the surrounding environment is absolutely wrong.

Simply put, the headphones that transmit sound to your brain through the bones while keeping your ears open, how can they provide a good sound quality when your ears are open? And you also hear the voices around. So the point is that bone conduction headphones do not provide the same sound quality as traditional headphones do.

Don’t worry; it’s no longer the case that bone conduction headphones provide absolutely useless sound quality. This was not the case before, but now there are many brands in the market that provide very good quality, and they are more comfortable than traditional headphones, and at the same time, they are lighter in weight.



The first thing I want to mention about them is Aftershokz. Almost all the brands came into the market together, but Aftershokz quickly made its name as a top-quality brand.

Whether you want to get headphones that keep you informed of the surroundings as well as provide good audio quality for making calls, you can look for aftershocks. In addition, they also make headphones that are very exceptional for swimming. Swimming headphones are waterproof according to the standard and are equipped with an MP3 player. Most importantly, Aftershokz bone conduction headphones are top-rated because of their usefulness and comfort underwater.

Not only this, but Aftershokz also makes headphones that are very good for running, cycling, exercise, and music, but keep in mind that if you are a fan of music, then the sound quality of any bone conduction headphones cannot be compared to traditional headphones and I have already told you about it above.

Other Bone Conduction Headphone Brands

It’s not that aftershokz is the best on the market, and there are many brands you can count on. So why did I discuss the Aftershokz separately and put all the other bone conduction headphones together in this section?

In fact, as I said before, Aftershokz quickly made a name for itself in the market, which is why most people know and recognize aftershokz, while other brands are a bit behind. But it’s not like other brands haven’t made headphones like Aftershokz.

In my opinion, apart from aftershokz, Tayago, Pinetree, Naenka, WANFEI, and Krcong are the best bone conduction headphones brands.

I’ve summarized everything here. If you want to know all about bone conduction headphones, you can visit their websites.

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