The Beats Studio headphones I received were in perfect condition and offered some awe-inspiring features. They were indeed able to cancel noise, but dirt and sweat made it pale and discolored with excessive usage. Then I started the cleaning procedure, and they are now intact. Stay for a while on this page if you wonder how to clean Beats Studio Headphones? 

Because here, you will discover proper explanations and guides for handling your headphones. Moreover, I will offer you some tips and tweaks that you can adapt to keep your headphones clean and dirt-free for a longer period. Won’t you?

How do I clean my Beats Studio Wireless?

You should adopt a regular process to keep your headsets clean. The process includes a continuous daily routine to get the job done. It includes the following steps. At first, there is a need for soaked swabs or wet wipes along with the microfiber cloth to complete the cleaning process. 

Pro Tip: Always disconnect your Beats Studio Headphones from charging before cleaning to avoid electrical damage.

Use Swab or Wipes

The first step is to use a clean soaked swab or wet wipe to clean the dirt. Now take another wipe, clean the sliders, and make sure they go into the joints where sweat and dirt accumulate.

Tip: Make sure water doesn’t get inside the openings.

How to clean Beats headphone cushions?

To clean the cushions, always use a squeezed swab or wipe to rinse or rub the soft cushions covering your ears to clean the cushions. After that, use the different wipes to clean the mesh properly to make it dust and sweat-free. 

Tip: Avoid wet swabs or liquid direct contact with the charging port.

Use Clean Microfiber Cloth

The next step involves using a clean cloth to rinse correctly and cleans the sliders, pads, mesh, and microphones. 

Tip: Use lint-free cloth – Clothing with lint on it is more likely to build up static charges, which can harm electronic equipment

Let it Dry

After completing all the cleaning stuff, always leave the headphones to dry for almost 48 hours, but 2 or 3 hours will do the job, and you can enjoy listening to your favorite music.

Tip: Never use the hairdryer to dry the headphones.

How do you deodorize Beats headphones?

There are different ways that you can adopt to get rid of any foul smell. The main thing that you can use is the charcoal briquettes; this porous carbon will take the smell away. The other and most affordable method is the use of fragrant wipes. In addition, the most traditional and domestic way is to place the bowl of rice for a while; it will take the smell out of the Beats headphones.

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Use a Headphone Case

After the cleaning process, place it in the case – make sure the headphones case is dirt and debris free. Then, store it in a dry place that is less humid and moderate. 

Can you clean Beats with alcohol?

Can you clean Beats with alcohol

Specifically, isopropyl alcohol is used to clean the substance; it kills the germs and keeps the things clean. But don’t rub the alcohol on the cushions and pads; it will take the color away. If you need it to clean the sliders and stainless steel of the slider, you can use 70 percent isopropyl alcohol to erase the sweat marks.

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How to clean Beats Solo headphones?

How to clean Beats Solo headphones

The Beats Solo headphones bring an aesthetic feel, but you need to take good care of these headsets as an audiophile. You can follow this instruction to keep the Beats Solo headphones clean. 

  • Use the clean soaked cotton swab to clean the surface’s dirt, sweat, and debris.
  • Go deeper to the joints, connectors, edges, and soft pads to properly clean the headsets.
  • Use the lint-free cloth – a microfiber cloth to give the finishing end and let it dry before placing it in the case.

How to clean Beats Flex?

I bought Beats flex for its Auto Pause feature and better battery life. Follow these guidelines if you have Beats Flex and want to carry the cleaning routine. Always use a soaked swab to clean the whole Beats flex but avoid getting into the connector and control with any liquid. After that, clean it with the lint-free microfiber cloth and store it in a dry place.

How to clean makeup off Beats headphones?

If you are a regular headphone user while wearing makeup, follow these tips to clean the makeup off your Beats Headphones.

  • Always use a microfiber cloth to clean and rub it off.
  • Then use wet wipes or soft soaked swabs to rinse on the cushions and sliders.
  • You can use the Headset Cleaner to clean the spots and any makeup accumulation. 
  • Let it dry and always keep this routine. 

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Keep in mind that headsets have become the norm, and their cleaning is a routine process that every headset owner undertakes to keep them in good condition. We have provided you with comprehensive instructions on cleaning Beats Studio Headphones. Enjoy your favorite music with clean, dirt-free Beats Headphones by following these steps.

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