Are you cycling, only to discover that you don’t have any charge in your Bone conduction headphones? How will you feel connecting your Aeropex with the charging cable and finding AfterShokz Not Charging? Well, this happened to me, and to avoid your annoyance, you can follow up with this quick guide. 

It is very likely that the cause of the Aftershokz not charging is the dead battery. Sometimes, we use our headphones for an extended period, and after a few warnings about battery low, they switch off automatically. In those instances, we put them on charging and try turning them back ON as soon as possible. In this case, the battery can die, and you may have to replace the battery.

In this article, I will recommend avoiding Aftershokz not charging problems. After reading this article, you don’t have to look further.

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Let’s get started!

Why AfterShokz Not Charging?

Why AfterShokz Not Charging

I put my bone conduction headphones on, but AfterShokz Stopped charging. To get a quick idea of the AfterShokz Aeropex charging problems, I diagnosed the issue and developed these causes of the Aftershokz Aeropex won’t turn on or charge.

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  • The battery has become Faulty or Damaged Battery. 
  • You are using the Bad Charging Source/Adapter.
  • You are using a Damaged Charging Cable.
  • Aftershokz and the adapter have a Compatibility Issue. 
  • AfterShokz Charging Light Not Working.
  • Over-Discharge of the battery- lithium ions instilled with copper wires end up with complete discharge.
  • Charging ports or points are accumulated with dust and sogginess.

Aftershokz Not Charging: Solutions and Recommendations

Following are the most tested solutions and recommendations to avoid Aftershokz not charging issues.

When your headphones are close to 0% battery life, it is suggested that you do not use them. Secondly, if you have done that, wait to try to switch ON the headphones immediately after charging them.

If the battery has yet to be charged even after an extended period, then it is recommended that you use a powerful charger(Not more than 5 volts and 2 amp) for some time and then put the device on the regular charger.

You can also try using another magnetic charging cable to charge your headphones to determine if the previous one is working.

Another option is to contact the manufacturer for assistance. You can also file a warranty claim if the problem persists.

Lastly, it would help if you also looked at the electric socket. It is a rare possibility that the socket is damaged. You should change the socket to ensure.

Directly Plug into a Power Outlet

If your headsets need to be charging correctly, you can also check the wall socket by connecting them directly to a power outlet and charging at a maximum of 2 amps and 5 volts.

How to Charge Aftershokz Properly?

How to Charge Aftershokz Properly

Your Aftershokz headphones will be 50 percent charged when you unbox them (usually, but vary). It will take about one hour for them to reach 100 percent.

A micro USB cable can charge most of the Aftershokz bone conduction headphones, but any micro USB cable will work just fine. So, don’t hesitate to charge them with any other micro USB cable to keep one safe for future use.

You can find the charging port under the protective rubber flap on top of the headphones. Firstly, you will need to remove the protective rubber flap from the port to insert the cable into it.

You can use either the USB end of the device with a computer or a USB wall charger. However, remember that you cannot charge the device above 5 volts and 2 amps at a time.

The LED light will turn blue as soon as it is fully charged.

Keep the protective rubber flap on your headphones’ charging port secured, protecting your headphones from any damage, moisture, or debris.

If your headphones are wet or have sweat on them, it is essential to allow them to air dry before charging them.

If you have advanced expertise, then you can try Aftershokz battery replacement. If not, then buy a new pair.

For more information regarding Aftershokz Not Charging, you can also contact Aftershokz’s customer service department for more assistance.

How do I know if my AfterShokz is Charging?

How do I know if my AfterShokz is Charging

The best way to check is to look at the LED light on the headphones. Usually, this will be red if the headphones need charging, and blue if they are fully charged. Alternatively, you can check the status of your battery by turning on your headphones and clicking the volume + or – button.

Can you Overcharge AfterShokz?

Can you Overcharge AfterShokz

Please do not overcharge your headphones and lithium ion batteries have a protective grid/ board that doesn’t let the charge exceed 4.2V. So, it is better not to overcharge AfterShokz. 

AfterShokz takes 1.5 to 2 hours to charge and overcharging will put a negative impact on the battery life

You can also read our guides for:

How to turn on Aftershokz Headphones?

AfterShokz provides fine Bone conduction headphones and knowing the functionalities help them sustain longer. For the Aftershokz headphone to turn on, hold and press the power button for 5–7 seconds if your unit has only one button or the volume + button for a few seconds if your unit has more than one button.

Aftershokz Troubleshooting

If you have ever faced connectivity issues, firmware issues, or AfterShokz charging problems, then go for the AfterShokz Reset. Resetting is the basic AfterShokz Troubleshooting, but you should learn advanced level problem solving for a better experience. 

Aftershokz Not Turning ON

Complete charging and charging on time is the most feasible solution to avoid problems. When my AfterShokz is Not Turning ON, I always go for the firmware update or charge it for a while to know if it’s gone or if I need to do an Aftershokz Aeropex hard reset.

Aftershokz Multifunction Button Not Working

Are you a runner or cyclist? If yes, you must experience an AfterShokz multifunction Button Not working issue. The sweat and dust disturb the retraction mechanism, and you lose the button. You can rub it with alcohol or clean it with the dryer to finish the job quickly.

How to Wear Aftershokz with Glasses?

Is it challenging to wear headphones and glasses altogether? Well, it is different with AfterShokz. You can wear AfterShokz with glasses by placing them in the right way. The Shokz are designed in this way to offer assistance to everyone.

How to Claim Aftershokz Warranty

If you haven’t solved the AfterShokz Not Charging issue, you can claim the AfterShokz Warranty. You need to fill out the registration form that will require your information and the model. It will lead you to the replacement of the product.


In case of an AfterShokz Not Charging issue, it will negatively impact your listening experience or cause you to fear losing your favorite headphones forever. I have described all the reasons and potential solutions to avoid further annoyance. 

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