Are you embarrassed to take your Philips Headphones out in public? Or maybe you are thinking of throwing them away because now they look ugly, dirty, pathetically greasy, and oily. 

Just hold your thoughts… Because now it’s high time to set your laziness aside. And give your headphones a thorough gentle cleaning that too would be really quick and simple to follow. This article will help you to confidently clean your gear and that is why we gathered this specific information on how to clean Philips Audio Headphones in simple and easy-to-understand points. 

Shall we start the cleaning guide?

How To Clean Philips Audio Headphones

Starting the cleaning procedure for Philips Audio Headphones bare-handed without any preparation would be a foolish choice. As it will turn this easy cleaning routine into a nightmare that takes a lot of time.  So let’s determine what supplies we’ll require. Fortunately, you can easily access each of these from your own house or near any local pharmacy.

However, let’s take a pause before we start to break the greasy oil from our Philips Headphones. Therefore, here we must first identify what vital aspects we shouldn’t be ignoring before collecting the supplies in order to safely complete the cleaning regimen. 

Words Of Caution

Carefully following the below-mentioned points will not only extend your headphone’s life. However, would also let you enjoy your favorite tune uninterrupted.

  • Avoid dropping your headphones, along with prolonged exposure to high temperatures.
  • The headphones must not be near running or splashing water.
  • Do not let the headphones soak in water.
  • Useless cleaning products that contain alcohol, ammonia, benzene, or abrasives should never be used.
  • If cleaning is necessary, use a soft cloth that has been minimally wet with water or diluted mild soap to clean the item.
  • The integrated battery must not be subjected to intense heat from the sun, radiation, or other sources.
  • Explosion risk if the battery is installed improperly. Only substitute a similar or equal type.

Supplies That You Need

  • Two Soft, lint-free Microfiber cloths.
  • A soft-bristled brush (small)
  • Q-tips (original cotton)
  • Water with lukewarm in nature.
  • Neutral, safe detergent (any mild solvent)
  • Philips Audio Headphones.
  • A large bowl.

Procedure To Clean Philips Audio Headphones

This cleaning guide is straightforward and easy to use. By carefully following these instructions, you will finally have headphones that always appear neat.

  • Before attempting to begin any cleaning cycle, please be sure to unplug your Philips Audio Headphones from all external sources, including any power sources, phones, and computers.
  • Take the headphones off the charging station if it is on any.

Start With General Cleaning

  • Start off by doing some general cleaning.
  • Take a clean cloth damp in warm water and gently rub every surface, including the headband, its cushion, the exterior and interior of earcups, connectors, and any plastic components it may have.
  • Only use a mild solvent to clean any stubborn stains present on any components of the Philips Headphones.

Warning: Never clean your Philips Headphones with harsh chemicals such as alcohol, benzene, acetone, soaps, or any other brutally harsh substance.

ProTip: Be sure to pat every surface dry as soon as you wipe them clean with a damp cloth. That prevents the headphones from a phenomenon which is called rust and corrosion.

Head on towards Cleaning The Ear Cups 

  • Make sure to remove each earpad from your Philips Headphone before cleaning the ear cups.
  • Gently wipe the entire set of ear pads with a piece of cloth that has been lightly dipped in lukewarm water.
  • Use some fresh cotton swabs damp in warm water to clean the inside of the earpads. Because this is where the dirt and dust build-up and can be easily left behind if doesn’t give any attention. 
  • If you need to thoroughly clean the filthy ear pads which absorb oil and sebum and dead skin your skin. Then prepare the soapy lukewarm water solution, and submerge them in it.  
  • Leave them for 30 minutes to break the oil and grease and simply use your fingertips to gently rub them in a circular motion.
  • Wring any excess water after giving them a thorough rinse in the running water.
  • Squeeze them on a dry piece of towel with the palm of your hands to soak any excess water.
  • Let them air dry on the same towel and leave them for a day to completely dry by themselves.
  • After they get fully dried, reassemble them before use.

Warning: To prevent any breakage. Don’t try to bend the earpads while washing or rinsing them.

Protip: Make sure there isn’t enough moisture on the damp towel to enter inside the unit and harm the components when cleaning. It is also important to be gentle and cautious when cleaning the earpads.

Cleaning the Headband And Its Cushion

  • Carefully detach the headphone’s cushion from the headband.
  • Let it soak in the lukewarm water and mild detergent mixture.
  • Before attaching the cushion to the headband, let them air dry on a clean piece of towel.
  • After it dries out fully, reattach them to the headband before you would like to enjoy your headphone.

Protip: Don’t use any drying machines such as blow dryers or external sources to dry them up quickly.

Clean The Buttons And Areas Under Hinges And Screws

  • You can use a micro brush slightly damp in warm water or a soapy solution, to first clean the buttons if present any. And carefully clean them with it. 
  • Don’t forget those few tiny holes lying between the swivels and those tiny screws which can gather a lot of dirt over time if they are not routinely cleaned.
  • Use the same brush or get some clean damped Q-tips that will help you clean those areas.
  • Dry those regions after wiping them with a gentle microfiber cloth.
  • Repeat the same process for every screw and button.

Earpads Replacement Suggestions for Philips Audio Headphones 

It is normal for the original earpads to show some major wear and tear which is impossible to avoid because of their frequent usage. This will not only affect the sound quality but also impacts its comfortable use. However, In the market, there are multiple choices available with elegant designs that a Philp Headphone user can choose from. 

Therefore, below are some amazingly affordable options mentioned. You can easily buy to replace your old earpads with new ones for the perfect sound experience. That you have probably been missing out on for so long.

Philips Headphone Pads Replacement

Name of EarpadsProduct Link
Replacement Earpads Cushions Ear Pads Cover for Philips SHB6250 HeadphonesView on Amazon
Replacement Covers Pillow Foam Compatible with Philips SHB8850NC HeadsetView on Amazon

Philips SHB8750NC/27 SHB8750 Replacement Ear Pads

Name of EarpadsProduct Link
1 Pair of Ear Pads Cushion Cover Earpads Replacement Compatible with PhilipsView on Amazon
Cypressol Earpad Replacement for PhilipsView on Amazon

Philips SHB 5500 Replacement Ear Pads

Name of EarpadsProduct Link
Upgraded Replacement Ear Pads Cushion Cover Earpads Earmuffs Compatible with Philips
Upgraded Memory Foam Ear Pads Cushions Earpads Replacement Pillow Cover Compatible with Philips

Philips SBC-HM450 SHB5500 SHL8805 Replacement Ear Pads

Name of EarpadsProduct Link
Philips PH805 Active Noise Canceling (ANC) Over Ear Wireless Bluetooth Performance HeadphonesView on Amazon

Philips H4205 H5205 H4105 Replacement Ear Pads

Name of EarpadsProduct Link
YunYiYi TAH4205 TAH5205 Replacement Earpads Cover Compatible with PhilipsView on Amazon

Philips Fidelio X2 Replacement Ear Pads

Name of EarpadsProduct Link
Replacement Headphone Ear Pads EarPads Protein Skin + Sponge Cushion Cover for Philips for FidelioView on Amazon
Dekoni Audio Choice Leather Replacement Earpads for Philips Fidelio X2 Headphones (Pair)View on Amazon

Philips Fidelio M1’s Replacement Ear Pads

Name of EarpadsProduct Link
kwmobile Replacement Ear Pads Compatible with Philips M1 FidelioView on Amazon
1Pair Replacement Earpads Headphones Earmuff Earphone Sleeve Headset for Philips Fidelio M1View on Amazon

Philips Fidelio L3 Replacement Ear Pads

Name of EarpadsProduct Link
L3 Earpads Replacement Ear Pads Ear Cushions Cover Earpads Compatible with Philips Fidelio L3View on Amazon
Philips Fidelio L3 Flagship Over-Ear Wireless Headphones with Active Noise Cancellation Pro+ View on Amazon

How do you replace Philips ear pads?

A: It is easy to remove your old earpads with the new ones. However, it is totally dependent upon which Philp’s model you have. For most of them, just grab the corner lips of the earpads by the tips of your fingers and pull them out away from the earcups.

On the other hand, some have a hollow depression on the underside of earpads which can be easily felt by tugging your finger at the back of the corner of the earpad’s lips. The rest of the area of the earpad would feel firm from the front. Grab that out from the hollow area by gently pulling them away from earcups.

This is how you remove it. For attaching the new ones, align the holes of earpads with the tabs present on earcups and pop them back into them for easy attachment.


Let’s just start owning your headphones that will be worth doing by maintaining a cleaning regime once every week. Because this will not only make your headphones feel new every time you use them but also will extend their life and our ear’s life as well.

As it is believed that our headphones carry a lot of dirt, grime, and bacteria that we couldn’t even imagine. Therefore, this cleaning guide will depict how to clean and take care of your Philips Audio Headphones without getting them damaged. This will make you feel free to use them and adds a new life to them.

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