It must scare the crap out of you that your dear Sennheiser Headphones are already giving you a tough time. They are missing trebles, bass, and God knows what. Let me tell you the fact! This might be happening because the attractive velour earpads have now collected your hair (of course!) some gunk, debris, and other messy stuff. 

Simply put, they need cleaning and us to be disciplined enough to take care of our personal daily usage stuff, for their long life and our health. Because using them dirty and unclean will make your experience bad. This is why we bring you a practical guide on how to clean Sennheiser Headphones on the fly.

Read along for not skipping a single beat. 

How To Clean Sennheiser Headphones

It would be a silly move to start the cleaning process for Sennheiser Headphones without even gathering the necessary supplies at hand. So let’s see what we need for supplies. Luckily, you will be able to access each of these comfortably at home.

However, before getting the supplies, First, we need to see what crucial points we shouldn’t be doing in order to safely perform the Sennheiser’s cleaning process.

Precautionary Points

Read these with open eyes because it is way more significant how you perform the cleaning than just doing the cleaning for the sake of it.

  • For a non-leather section of the product, use only a soft and dry piece of cloth.
  • Periodically, gently wipe leather sections with a clean, soft cloth that has been wet with water.
  • Avoid using harsh soaps, detergents, or leather polish.
  • Keep the headphones away from moist or muggy areas.
  • All liquids should be kept well away from the product.
  • Do not use any cleaning products or solvents.
  • If it’s necessary to use cleaning sprays, spray on a cloth and wipe; do not spray on the headphone directly.
  • Your ear pads shouldn’t be washed in a washing machine.
  • Do not use a tumble dryer to dry your ear pads.
  • Avoid getting cleaning solutions directly on your headband and earpads.
  • Make sure you don’t use any aggressive objects to clean any part of the headset.

Supplies You’ll Need

  • Soft, lint-free Microfiber cloth.
  • A soft Nylon bristled brush (small)
  • Cotton buds (100% cotton)
  • Lukewarm Water 
  • Neutral, mild detergent (any safe solvent)
  • Sennheiser Headphones 
  • tweezer

Procedure To Clean Sennheiser Headphones

This is an easy-to-follow and practical to implement cleaning guide. Follow these points, step by step, and eventually, you will end up with your ever-clean-looking headphones. 

  • First and foremost a little assurance, make sure to unplug the Sennheiser Headphones from any external sources such as a power source or with any phone or P.C. before attempting to start any cleaning cycle.
  • If they are on charging, be sure to take the headphones off from it.

All-around General Cleaning

  • Kick things off by starting with general cleaning.
  • Take a piece of soft dry cloth and gently wipe the whole surface such as the headband, earcups’ outer surface, earpads, inside of earpads, each and every connector, and plastic substance that it has. 
  • If the Sennheiser Headphone has any leather parts, wipe them clean with a warm damp cloth only.

Warning: Do not ever use any soap or harsh solvents for cleaning your headphones, according to Sennheiser.

ProTip: When cleaning the headset with a wet cloth, be sure to pat each component dry at the same time.

Bonus Tip: Sennheiser suggests only using warm damped cloth for tidying up their foamy earpads.

The Ear Cups And Earpads Cleaning

  • Make sure to unclip each earpad from a Sennheiser headphone before initiating the cleaning cycle for earpads. 
  • Because these are foamy earpads, gently wipe the entire set of ear pads with a piece of cloth that has been lightly dampened in warm water.
  • If they don’t look clean after the first wipe, do a few passes of wipes until it will get tidy.
  • The undersides of the earpads should also be cleaned since they are prone to dust and grime accumulation. For this, use some fresh cotton swabs damped in the same warm water.
  • If there is some stubborn buildup that refuses to get out. Then prepare the lukewarm water solution with the mild neutral solvent, and submerge them in it. Do not leave them still in the solution and hurriedly use your fingertips to gently rub them in a circular motion.
  • Squeeze off any remaining water after giving them a thorough rinse in the running water.
  • Use a clean, dry piece of cloth to soak up the extra water and pat the items dry.

Warning: Avoid cleaning foamy earpads with any detergent or soap that can break or deform the foam of the earpads. It will ultimately damage them and that can cause interruptions in your listening experience.

Warning Alert: Avoid bending while squeezing the excess water out. Just pat them against a clean towel by pressing them with your hands.

ProTip: If there is a hair buildup on the velour of your earpads, use a lint brush, if this doesn’t work use a tweezer or some tape to pluck out that hair. 

Bonus Tip: For smelly earpads, spray a little Febreze to get rid of the bad smell coming from your Sennheiser Headphones.

Headband And Its Cushion Cleaning

  • Carefully unlock the cushion out from the headband.
  • Stretch to reach every nook and cranny of it.
  • Wipe the cushion and the headband with a warm damp cloth.
  • Do a few passes of wiping the cushion until it will look and feel clean.
  • Let them air dry at room temperature before attaching the cushion to the headband.

Warning: Do not use any blow dryer machine or any device to make the cushion of the headband dry quickly.

ProTip: you can use hygienic wipes to gently clean the leather parts of the headset.

Hinges And Screws Cleaning

  • If they are not routinely cleaned, a few tiny holes between the swivels and tiny screws can accumulate a lot of dirt over time.
  • Use the teeny, tiny brush to gently scrub the dust off of the tiny hinges after dipping them in warm water.
  • Use a soft microfiber towel, and dry the areas.
  • In order to clean the screws, repeat the procedure but this time use damped Q-tips in warm water.


Don’t forget to wipe the cable of the headset at the end.

Reattach all the separated parts back to the headset after they are completely dried.

Earpads Replacement Suggestions for Sennheiser Headphones

Sadly Sennheiser’s earpads are quick to wear off and need to be replaced every six months or yearly at least that’s why the headset comes with stock earpads. Moreover, it is advisable to replace the earpads for the sake of hygiene as well. Below are some suggestions mentioned for your pick.

Sennheiser Replacement Earpads

Earpads NameProduct Link
Sennheiser HD 458 BT Replacement EarpadsGenuine Replacement Ear Pads Cushions for SENNHEISERView on Amazon
Ear Pads (1 Pair) BlackSENNHEISERView on Amazon

Sennheiser HD 4.40 Replacement Earpads

Earpads NameProduct Link
Defean Ear Pads Cushion Replacement, earpads.View on Amazon
Upgraded Sheepskin Ear Pads Cups CushionsView on Amazon

Sennheiser HD 458 BT Replacement Earpads

Earpads NameProduct Link
SOULWIT Ear Pads Cushions Replacement, Earpads View on Amazon
NullMini Replacement EarpadsView on Amazon

Sennheiser HD 598 BT Replacement Earpads

Earpads NameProduct Link
Replacement Earpads for SennheiserView on Amazon
VEKEFF 2 pcs Replacement EarpadsView on Amazon

Sennheiser HD 599 SE Replacement Earpads

Earpads NameProduct Link
Defean Replacement Velvet Ear Pads View on Amazon
Genuine Sennheiser Replacement Ear Pads CushionsView on Amazon

Sennheiser HD 600 BT Replacement Earpads

Earpads NameProduct Link
Elite Hybrid Replacement Ear Pads View on Amazon
Elite Sheepskin Replacement Ear Pads View on Amazon

Sennheiser HD 800 BT Replacement Earpads

Earpads NameProduct Link
Dekoni Audio Elite Hybrid Replacement Ear PadsView on Amazon
Geekria Lambskin Earpads for Sennheiser HD800 Headphones
View on Amazon

Sennheiser HD 6xx Replacement Earpads

Earpads NameProduct Link
Dekoni Audio Memory Foam Ear Pad CushionsView on Amazon
Genuine Replacement Ear Pads Cushions  
View on Amazon

How to clean Sennheiser HD 660S?

A: Take a clean cloth damped in warm water. Start to gently wipe each and every surface of the Sennheiser HD 660S Headphone with it. Separate the headband cushions and the earpads initially and clean those off first. Wipe the earpads in a circular motion and carry on doing it until they are perfectly clean with every dirt. Clean the outside of the earcups as well. Don’t forget the hinges and screw parts too.

How do you clean Sennheiser ear pads?

A: Sennheiser earpads are a bit tricky to clean as they have velour and are foamy in nature. We need to do a gentle cleaning with a cloth damped with warm water. Wipe them off several times with a damped cloth in order to make them clean. Carefully pluck any hair off or dirt with a tweezer. Pat them dry and leave them at room temperature. Attach them after they get completely dried for further use. 

How to clean Sennheiser 6XX ear pads?

A: As the Sennheiser 6XX  earpads are velvety and foamy in nature. You can use a damp warm cloth to carefully wipe off the earpads and do a few wipes until they get clean. You can also use office tape or a lint roller to pluck any dirt or hair off.  It can also be hand-washed with mild safe solvent and allowed to air dry before use. 

How to remove Sennheiser ear pads?

A: It is pretty easy and simple to remove Sennheiser’s ear pads.

  •  You just need to squeeze out with your thumb and two fingers while holding your earpads really nice and tight. 
  • Gently pull them out and away towards you which detaches the earpads from the earcups of the headset. 
  • Sometimes it’s just going to peel off while in some headsets the earpads would unclip themselves from earcups. 
  • In some cases, if the retaining ring is left while removing, take a slotted screwdriver to loosen it up. Only then you’ll be able to replace them with new ones.
How to remove Sennheiser ear pads

How to replace Sennheiser ear pads?

A: Once you remove your old earpads. It also is an easy job to replace them with a pair of new ones. 

  • Assign the right and left ear pads to the respective sides. The ear pad’s seam must face downward.
  • The ear pad should be put on the ear cup and should line up with the retaining ring’s notches.
  • Press the retaining ring firmly onto the ear cup with your thumbs until you hear it loudly snap into place all around.
How to replace Sennheiser ear pads


It is always a practical approach to just get your hands dirty in a cleaning process rather than leaving your expensive headphones messy. If they stay untidy for a long, it will affect their work efficiency and decreases their life span as well.

It is advisable to clean your Sennheiser Headphones once a week if you use them daily. This article will help you guide in maintaining your headphone hygiene in the simple and easy way possible. Carefully follow the steps and you’ll have your headphones in crisp and mint condition. 

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