It always feels refreshing to listen to clear sounded upbeat tunes on the go without having to juggle yourself into wires. Beats Studio Buds are here to serve this very purpose. You can benefit the best if you are more of an athletic and outgoing person.

And if these Beats Studio Buds are giving you fun entertaining time, why shouldn’t you take some crucial yet simple steps to make them stay with you for better and longer? Therefore, here, we have unfolded some easy and effective ways to clean Beats Studio Buds, This not only has a positive impact on your ear health but also will maintain your earbuds in the best condition.

Stay tuned for maintaining the hygiene of your pricey beats Studio earbuds;

How To Clean Beats Studio Buds

Clean Beats Studio Buds

Before we start, it’s crucial to know what precautions we need to take to prevent any damage to our earbuds while cleaning,  And some common instruments required for this process are mentioned below:

Precautions To Take For Cleaning Beats Studio Earbuds

Precautions To Take Before Cleaning Sony Headphones
  • Don’t place earbuds or their case near the water to prevent any accidental drops.
  • Avoid using any liquid while cleaning your Beats Studio Earbuds.
  • Make sure to prevent any type of liquid from going into the openings or speaker grills.
  • Don’t use external heat to dry the device.
  • Avoid using any detergents or soapy liquid or wet cotton to clean.
  • Never apply any pointed damaging instrument for cleaning.
  • Avoid using any external objects in the case of the earbuds’ USB-C charging port.

Things Required for Cleaning Beats Studio Earbuds

  • Beats Studio Earbuds and Its case. (Obvious of course!)
  • Usual Cotton swab.
  • A soft, clean, and lint-free piece of cloth.
  • Warm water (lukewarm)
  • 70% Isopropyl alcohol (it is the simplest form of rubbing alcohol, use only if necessary)

Procedure for Cleaning Beats Studio Earbuds

  • Firstly, disconnect the earbud’s storage case in case it is connected to a charging cable or connected to a computer or any other adapter.
  • Take the Beats Studio Earbuds out of the charging case before starting the procedure of cleaning.
  • Use the dampened cotton swab immersed in slight warm water to clean the charging contacts of your Beats Studio Earbuds.
  • For cleaning the charging pin present on the charging case, use a soft, lint-free cloth slightly dampened in warm water.
  • If necessary, use a cotton swab slightly dampened in 70% isopropyl alcohol to clean the earbuds and the exterior of the storage case and particularly for other hard-to-clean stains if present. Don’t rub it hard and try to be gentle with your hands. 
  • Use a simple cotton lint-free cloth for the rest of the cleaning.

Procedure for Cleaning Beats Eartips

  • Take the ear tips out of the headphones carefully. You can actually damage your earbuds if you don’t take off the ear tips before cleaning them.
  • To clean earwax and grime from the earplugs, dampen a cloth in warm water and mild soap. Avoid using strong cleaning agents.
  • Thoroughly rinse the soap off with warm water.

Note: Allow your ear tips to air dry before attaching them to the earbuds.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do you clean ear wax out of Beats Studio Buds?

Use a cotton swab or soft lint-free piece of cloth dampened in slight warm water. Or if it doesn’t work on stubborn earwax and couldn’t able to take that wax out, you can use a simple alcohol-dampened cloth and clean the wax with gentle hands. Earwax removal is mandatory as it can produce muffled sound in your Beats Studio Earbuds.

Can you shower with beats Studio Buds?

No, you can’t take a shower while wearing your Beats Studio Earbuds. Because they are water resistant but not waterproof. It is not advisable to use them under pressurized streaming water such as while showering or doing water skiing, surfing, or jet skiing

Can you wear just one Beats Studio Bud?

Yes, you can wear one Beats Studio Earbud at a time but it will not give you the perfect stereo sound experience as when you use both earbuds simultaneously. Moreover, it may affect your ear health and causes ear fatigue of that particular ear while using only a single earbud.

Can Beats Studio Buds be used in gyms?

Yes. you can use Beats Studio Earbuds while working out in the gym as the earbuds are sweat resistant. Moreover, they are IPX4 equipped for water so they can bear rainwater, and water splashes coming from any direction. However, that doesn’t mean they are waterproof. Therefore, it is advisable not to immerse your Beats in water or if dropped accidentally in water, pull them out immediately. Pat the earbuds dry and reuse them to check for their sound quality.

Do Beats Studio Buds leak sound?

Beats Studio Earbuds don’t leak much of the sound but leak minimally at high volumes. They are perfect for a work environment or whatsoever for any surroundings in which you would like to use them. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about disturbing other people’s peace of mind which are around you while listening to your favorite tune.

Can Beats Studio Buds be replaced?

Beats Studio Earbuds replacement depends on the scenario. If your Beats Studio Buds are physically damaged, they can be replaced free of cost. But if there is any accidental damage happened to your product, It won’t be covered or replaced according to Apple’s policy guidelines. It is against their policy of exchange. So be careful while using your Beats Studio Buds.


This article will be life-saving if you don’t want to go for pricey repairs of your Beats Studio Earbuds due to dirt and wax buildup. Moreover, this hygiene maintenance of your earbuds will extend the life of your favorite Beats Studio Earbuds. And also will prevent you from getting infections due to dirty earbuds. Regular alternate cleaning however can save you and your earbuds so that you can enjoy its fantastic streaming sound.

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