What is the best way to make your headphones work? To do so, you will need to connect them to the audio source. In the wake of the launch of Bone Conduction headphones, Aftershokz is one of the leading Bone conduction headphones brands. This guide will demonstrate how to pair Aftershokz headphones to several devices.

Piece of information: Aftershokz uses bone conduction audio technology, which transmits sound not through the eardrum but through the bones.

As these headphones cannot function without a Bluetooth connection, you need to pair them with another Bluetooth-enabled device to get the most out of them. To get the most out of Aftershokz, you need to know how to pair them with your computer, laptop, or Android. This article will demonstrate how to pair your Aftershokz with different devices step-by-step.

How to Pair Aftershokz Headphones to Different Devices?

Bluetooth has revolutionized connectivity. It has replaced the use of cords that often get messed up while making connections. Aftershokz has an in-built Bluetooth feature, and you can pair them to any other device via Bluetooth. I am currently using Aftershokz OpenRun. 

How to Put Aftershokz in Pairing Mode?

Aftershokz pairing is not complicated. Before connecting it to any device, you must understand how to put the headphones in pairing mode. It follows the same steps as you connect your conventional earbuds to any other device using Bluetooth. I have mentioned some steps for you to pair your Aftershokz.

  1. To get your headphones in pairing mode, turn off your headphones.
  2. Click the volume+ button and keep pressing this button for 3 to 5 seconds.
  3. Leave the button when the LED flashes red and blue.
  4. You will hear the sound “pairing.”
  5. Your headphone is paired and can be easily discoverable. 

Note: If you have purchased new Aftershokz and are going to connect them to any other device, they are already in pairing mode. 

Things to Remember while Pairing Devices

The pairing has become a fundamental component in connecting two devices using Bluetooth. Bluetooth has made connecting two devices an easy task. You have to make a few clicks and get your devices linked and paired. I keep a few things in my mind before pairing my two devices, so I suggest you follow the same. 

  • Both your headphone and device are Bluetooth-equipped.
  • Your device is placed within 3 feet of your headphones.
  • Make sure your headphone is charged fully.
  • The operating instructions of your device are on hand. 

How to pair Aftershokz Headphone To Computer?

Everyone uses computers, and they have in-built Bluetooth features. It is effortless to connect it wirelessly to your Aftershokz. I am connecting my computer with Windows 10 to my aftershokz. You must follow these steps to make a smooth connection between them.

  1. On your computer, in the search bar, type Settings.
  2. From the Settings menu, select Devices.
  3. Select Bluetooth and Other Devices option.
  4. In the Bluetooth menu, turn on the Bluetooth.
  5. Wait until your computer discovers Aftershokz.
  6. A list of available devices appears on the screen.
  7. Click on OpenRun by shokz to pair it with your computer.
  8. You will hear connected once a connection is established.

How to Connect Aftershokz to Macbook?

How do you connect your Aftershokz to a Macbook? Don’t worry; you are at the right place. It is not rocket science. It is as easy as making a call on your phone. I am describing a step guide that you should follow in this regard. 

  1. Click on the Apple Logo on the top left side of the screen.
  2. Click on System Preferences.
  3. Look for the Bluetooth icon and click on Bluetooth to turn it on. 
  4. Search for new Bluetooth devices.
  5. Your MacBook will discover all the available options that are within its range.
  6. When the MacBook has detected aftershokz, click on it to get it paired. 

How to connect Aftershokz to Android?

Living in the era where you and I are surrounded by different devices operating on Android.

Aftershokz can be connected to any android device without any difficulty. In this read, I will discuss how you can connect Aftershokz to your android phone and android smart Tv. 

Connecting Aftershokz to Android Phone 

Android smartphones are in the hands of everyone. You have your whole life operating with your smartphone. You can connect Aftershokz to your android phone to enjoy uninterrupted listening. In simple steps, I connect my Aftershokz OpenRun to my Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4. 

  1. Start with pairing your headphones first.
  2. On your android phone, go to Settings. 
  3. Select on Network and connections menu.
  4. Go to Bluetooth and turn it on.
  5. Wait for a few seconds until your phone discovers Aftershokz.
  6. Click on it and pair it.

Connecting Aftershokz to Android TV. 

Android smart TVs are an all-in-one package serving you with the TV and access to a wide range of in-built features and applications to make your screen viewing comfortable. It prevents you from the hassle of connecting adapters and cables from one device to another. 

Now you can connect Aftershokz to your android Tv via Bluetooth to have uninterrupted listening. I currently use Samsung Q80T QLED TV.

  1. Press Home/Smart Hub on the remote control and select Settings.
  2. From the settings, go to the Device menu.
  3. Turn on the Bluetooth.
  4. Your Tv will search for available Bluetooth devices.
  5. Once the search is complete and your Tv discovers your Aftershokz.
  6. Select it to pair both devices. 

Connecting Aftershokz to Apple Watch

These days, everyone is inclined toward using smartwatches. These watches are well equipped with all the fantastic features. They can be called a computer within a watch. You can connect aftershokz to your Apple Watch, and I use the Apple Watch Series 7 with these headphones for a better user interface.

  1. Make sure your headphones are in pairing mode before connecting.
  2. Open the Settings on your Apple watch.
  3. Open Bluetooth and let it search for Available devices. 
  4. Pair it with your Aftershokz when it is discovered.

Difference Between Android and iPhone Pairing to Aftershokz

To get the headphones visible to your Android device, you will first have to open up the Bluetooth settings, enable Bluetooth, and start the search for your headphones. Please tap on the name of the Aftershokz headphones (the name can be different, depending on the model) to pair them.

On the other hand, if you are thinking about the iPhone and android connectivity, Then there is no real difference between an iPhone and an Android, except for the interface. Both are different operating systems, but all the steps are pretty exact.

How To Pair Aftershokz with Multiple Devices?

Aftershokz has come up with a variety of features within a headphone. These headphones allow pairing to multiple devices at a time. It doesn’t mean you hear sounds from all connected devices. You can switch between different devices while your headphones are paired to multiple devices. 

  1. Start with your headphones turned off.
  2. Press the volume+ button and hold the press for 5-7 seconds.
  3. Your headphones are put on in pairing mode. 
  4. Press and hold the multifunction and volume+ buttons for 2-3 seconds.
  5. You will hear the sound “Multipoint Enabled’.
  6. Turn off your headphones again.
  7. Re-pair it to the second device.
  8. The sound “Device Two Connected” is heard, and the LED flashes red and blue. 

How to Pair Aftershokz Open Headsets with NFC? 

NFC stands for “Near Field Communication.” It allows connecting a mobile phone with an NFC-equipped headset. NFC pairing is similar to Bluetooth pairing, but it is exclusive to Open Comm Bone Conduction Headphone, making it the only Aftershokz wireless model equipped with this feature. 

You must bring both devices nearby to pair your phone and headset. This feature eliminates the need to sync both devices via Bluetooth.

How to Fix Aftershokz Not Pairing?

Aftershokz is well-equipped and gives its users a far better listening experience than conventional headphones. There come some problems and errors while using these headphones. After all, it is a tech gadget. When your aftershokz is not pairing, it has encountered some error; you can quickly fix this by resetting it.

  1. Press and hold the power buttons, including the volume control buttons, for 4-5 seconds.
  2. You will hear a beep sound or vibration in your headphones. 
  3. Turn your headphones off. 
  4. You have reset your headphones. 
  5. Now, you can pair them with any device without any problem. 


Are shokz headphones worth it?

The company Shokz makes some fabulous bone-conduction headphones. Other brands have also come with these headphones, but they don’t meet up to the standard of the Shokz bone-conduction headphones. The headphones by Shokz have incredible features, design, and comfortable fitting. Moreover, they are waterproof and provide a great listening experience even to the deaf. 

How long does AfterShokz take to charge?

Aftershokz is wireless headphones, so they must be charged regularly to ensure their smooth working. As per my experience, aftershokz takes 1.5-2 hours to charge fully from 0 to 100%. 

They come 50% charged in their box. It would help if you did not overcharge your headphones. Eventually, they will be damaged by overcharging. 

Can AfterShokz be paired to multiple devices?

Multipoint Pairing allows you to connect aftershokz to multiple devices at a time. It uses Bluetooth connectivity to get connected to different devices. You can then transit between different devices to listen to whatever audio you like. 

Why is my AfterShokz not pairing?

There can be many issues if your Aftershokz needs to pair. First, look at the paired list on the device which needs to be connected with Aftershokz. Just clear the list of one device. Second, headphones software bugs can occur, which can be quickly resolved through resetting.

How do I reset my AfterShokz Bluetooth?

Make sure you turn off your headphones and that they are not on your device’s connected devices list before you begin. To turn on pairing mode, press and hold the volume+ button for about 5-7 seconds, then release the button. Now the headphones are ready to connect.

What is the multifunction button on AfterShokz?

You can use the multifunction button to make and receive calls and control the music with just a few taps without holding the phone. However, it can take time to get used to it.

Is there an AfterShokz app?

Yes, Aftershokz does have an app. However, this app works only with Aftershokz Open Run Pro. Therefore, it is impossible to customize control settings, listen to profiles, or update the firmware via the app, except Open Run Pro.

Can you use Spotify on AfterShokz?

Currently, only the AfterShokz Xtrainerz are equipped with MP3 capabilities, and they do not work with Spotify or Apple Music. There is also no Bluetooth connectivity with the headphones. Thus, you need to upload music in the headphones directly.

Why are my AfterShokz beeping?

Depending on your headphones, you may receive a signal of their battery status or if you are trying to maximize or minimize the headphones’ volume. Also, occasionally, your Bluetooth headset will beep due to interference caused by other pairable devices within range.

How do you change the music on AfterShokz?

While the music is playing, press the multifunction button twice. There will be a short beep, and you will hear the new track.

How do I increase the volume on AfterShokz?

Most Aftershokz headphones have two dedicated volume buttons (Volume+ and Volume-), and you can use them. You can use the volume + button to increase the volume to the optimum level. You will hear the beep when the volume is full. The Multifunction button is not used to control volume.

How do I know when my AfterShokz are fully charged?

The LED will turn blue when your AfterShokz headphones are fully charged. After charging, secure the protective rubber flap over the charging port to prevent damage, humidity, or dirt from collecting in the port. Let your headphones dry if wet or sweaty before charging them.

Which AfterShokz for swimming?

According to AfterShokz, the Xtrainerz headphones have an IP68 rating, meaning they can be used underwater at a depth of two meters for up to two hours. These are the best headphones for swimming.  

How do you check an AfterShokz battery?

Pressing the volume+ or volume- button while the music is not playing will allow you to hear the battery status. The Audrey will say different battery levels, “Battery High,” “Battery Medium,” and “Battery Low,” or you will hear “Charge Me.”

How long does it take for AfterShokz to charge?

You can charge almost all Aftershokz models in only about 2 hours. The red light indicates that they are charging, and the blue light indicates that they are fully charged. According to AfterShokz, you should get around 8 hours of playback from a full charge.

Can you wear AfterShokz in the rain?

You can use AfterShokz Xtrainerz in the rain to some extent, as they are IPX68 certified. These headphones are best in the rain and any other water-related activities. However, it does mean you wear them only some days in the rain, shower, or underwater.

Can AfterShokz battery be replaced?

The Aftershokz battery is not replaceable or repairable. However, the company gives a two-year warranty on all Aftershokz models, which means that if your battery is not working fine, they will assist you in filing a warranty complaint so you can ask for a replacement.

Why won’t my Aftershokz headphones turn on?

There can be many possible issues. First, the battery is dead. Secondly, you need to press buttons to turn it on correctly. You need to press the power or volume plus button for 5-7 seconds to turn them ON.


Aftershokz headphones dominate with their unique working mechanism, remarkable features, durability, and reliability. It gives a new experience to better listening, even to the deaf. You have to connect it to other devices to make it workable. In this article, I have elaborated a detailed step-by-step guide on pairing Aftershokz headphones to different devices like computers, phones, smart tv, MacBooks, apple watch, etc. and resetting it. Through this article, you can make the best use of your headphones.

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